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    I will play along. Here is my answer: I started playing this game back in 2001-2002 timeframe. Gaming was more online then, a group of married dads would log on in the evenings after work, get on teamspeak, and party up to go level together. Talking and BSing on TS was a big part of the fun. Then real life catches up, jobs change, moves, family changes etc., and well life just happens. Still talk to some of the guys in real life. Times have changed from the original as well. Now more people would prefer to create a character, and play on their mobile phone and have the toon playing in the background. Some of my original friends still do that. The draw for me, is this game is a mindless way to pass the time. Sure I miss the camaraderie, the engagement with other people, and as a group going after raid bosses. But my job is stressful, so this provides me an hour or 2 in the evenings to decompress. I get out there with a toon and his support toons, and level away. It passes the time and helps me decompress. With most of Gludio dead, I don't find a lot of bots around, I don't find a bunch of PK'ers. I just go out to a hunting spot with the toons and level to collect the daily awards. No clan to worry about, no people to worry about, just an escape.