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  1. Othell's Rune On Summoners

    I know that spirit sharing will give crit fix BUT do OTHELL'S rune will affect my summon or not ????? by activating servitor share the element sould be share + the demage of the weapon ( that why many summoner will equip a BOW to give much patk to the summon). I TRYED to see if spirit sharing do share the equipement stats but nope it dosent. So mabey servitor share does transfer the othell's rune... MY QUESTION IS CLEAR DO OTHELL'S RUNE ( boost by 407 the critical rate ) will affect my summon ? by using servitor share. If you don't know what is a Othell's rune plz pass your way ! and if you do have some TRUST info plz share it
  2. Othell's Rune On Summoners

    The skill that you Mean is Spirit Sharing not Servitor Share and we are talking about Othell's rune Servitor Share - Extends the summoner's abilities to the servitor. Using the summoner's abilities as the basis, extends to the servitor P. Atk./ P. Def. by 30%, M. Atk./ M. Def. by 10%, Max HP/ MP by 10%, Atk. Spd. by 10%, and Casting Spd. by 3% Spirit Sharing - For 20 min., character's P. Atk. +10%, M. Atk. +10%, Atk. Spd. +10%, Casting Spd. +10%, P./ M. Critical Rate +30. Transfers master's enchanced skills to the servitor. Consumes 5 Spirit Ore And with those skills I was wondering if the othell's rune will apply to the summon ( Kai the Cat ) ==> Extends the summoner's abilities to the servitor.
  3. Othell's Rune On Summoners

    Even whit Servitor share ? it should link all your skill and equipment nope ? Do some1 even tried plz ? or any trust information ??
  4. Hi, as we know now, the rune system is fixed to the next month.. So i was wondering something ….. Any1 know if the Othell's rune will affect the Summoner pet ?
  5. Support Issues

    we did the payments at the same time and they got banned for nothing and not me... Would be Cool if Any GM or ADMIN look this post ASAP ... 2 Players got banned for nothing at all. And no answers at all for many days hello M. admin or GM ??? we are Friday 19:20 helllllo ? any1 home???