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  1. Atlas's Enchants

    Dude, every single post you come with this “just watch your toon playing and blah blah blah bullshit”. Lineage always was a grind game. If you are that much against macro as it is nowadays, just bleep turn yours OFF. This macro today is the best thing ever for those who doesn’t have the time to grind manually. We can just turn macro ON and go do something usefull, like WORK, or live, or whatever. Just STFU about it.
  2. Fix_Server

    My point is... the friday's upgrade did work.. It just look like that didn't solve all the problems, as you said. But, it did fix a lot of issues. I was having DC after DC, all the time, all day long. And BS was impossible to lvl mentees. Now I don't have this problems anymore. And what are your issues? You forgot to mention them
  3. Fix_Server

    Well.. I do not play as Tyrrs or evis, but since unscheduled server maintenance friday (04-03-20), I have nothing to complaing about lag or even DC. It's running freeky smoothly
  4. So far so good for me I was having lag and multiple random DC's No issue after maintenance Let's see how it goes

    I had been pked by him as well. Nothing to do. Just put his nick on a list. And if u have a chance, payback! Figure out sometime his other toons and payback again and harder. And so on...

    Do you guys know how to interpret a text? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- It says: EXTORTING by PK for spots, itens or Adena. ex·tort /ikˈstôrt/ verb gerund or present participle: extorting obtain (something) by force, threats, or other unfair means. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note that: "Obtain BY FORCE, THREATS" The pk doesn't FORCE YOU, to do nothing. He doesn't THREAT you in any way. He just come, PK and leave. Unfortunately this is just a game mechanic. It is what it is.
  7. Oh.. just saw in "Know Issues"
  8. January 10th, 2020 The problem persists. This should be fixed before new update. So we can finish our mentoring. @Juji ??