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  1. https://www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2classic/news/notice/view?bbsNo=3251&articleNo=1239
  2. @Juji Is this what we can expect ? https://www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2classic/news/notice/view?bbsNo=3251&articleNo=1239@update
  3. At least do some server settings for the next couple weeks for xp/drop/arena to you.tide people over till the merge and update.. thank you..
  4. You guys are just derailing the thread, dont trash talk here or it will result in half the thread gone or locked.
  5. @Juji Consider doing server settings ahead of the merger so we can prepare and just maybe.. just maybe some Drop/Adena settings.
  6. Okay, thanks for letting us know. We will be watching closely for updates. Any preview of what else you can confirm is changing in this march 18th update?
  7. Well needless to say this is going to change the land scape massively in classic. Not just the market but gameplay as well. What changes can we expect. @Juji It's pretty important that your player base is aware of what changes are coming ahead of time. One month ago you were claiming how we couldn't get L-Coin here(maybe my post gave you an idea about it?). Anyways, I believe this is a good change. Since we are falling more in line with Global changes to all regions shouldnt we expect to see full drop rate in Adena/Items as well? We need more information ASAP. Thank you, and thank you for push
  8. Yeah so wait to see their vast improvements before you complain lol....
  9. If you read the whole announcement it says "vast improvements to VIP system" so wait and see. Although @Juji this will make crafting super hard as most of the mats for A grade and higher are very difficult to farm like Mold Lubricant, Hardener, Adamantite nugget, etc. Anyways will wait for the changes to see.
  10. Please try to have RB's increased to lv 80 for the merger. Thank you.
  11. @Juji Any news about raid levels being increased. A gem, cloth, A enchants? Fixing fishing? Fixing debuffs and cancels on raids?
  12. @Juji Please consider a drop event or xp event to go along with Power of Love event or something.. If its the same as last year it will be incredibly underwhelming. Also Vampiric Claw skill from SH/Necromancer doesn't have element applied. Thank you.
  13. All raids on the map should be 80+ and have fixed spawn time within the servers primetime this already exists in Essence but the raids are 70 not 80 so I dont think the dev's would have much issue with this. Just increase the level and update the drop tables to mirror something like lillith/anakim. 82 is probably the best idea for now. @Juji This would encourage pvp and give players motivation to fight over raids to gain gear and progress in game. Thank you for your help and work.
  14. Zaken is your idea of content a shitty raid that spawns in 1 spot on top of a teleport and does nothing? Really? Those zones are not content.. They cannot even be farmed by 99% of the server hahahaha. Anyways back on track.. Classic needs these changes ASAP or its only going to get worse.
  15. There is nothing to run in the current state of the game. The most valuable raids cant even be killed and the next most valuable are out of level range of 90% of the active players left. Theres nothing worth pvping over, no raids worth logging in for. No clan events that feel rewarding.
  16. Make a new thread for this, everyone know there is 0 content for 80+. These raids need changes for more pvp/competition to happen.. Literally is nothing to log in for so save the trash talk for another thread. People are quitting left and right due to being hard stuck in Elemental zones and outlvling all raids and no content to do.
  17. @Juji Live servers have a subscription(prestige rune). You could run VIP the same way you run the live prestige rune subscription.. and introduce the L-Coin store. I guarantee you the vast majority of players would be happy with this. 15-20$ (could be scaled accordingly) a month VIP 7 per account those accounts also get the added benefit of L-Coin drop. We aren't asking for handouts, just affordable ways to play the game, have fun and progress.. Thank you. There's lots of ways to introduce a system that would be beneficial to both NCsoft monetarily and the players. Please, look into this
  18. Juji thanks for your response orfen/core/aq/zaken all need to be 80+ and please look into debuff/buffs on zaken/baium/antharas as well as cancel skills to remove buffs not working. Antharas lair, dragon valley, imperial tomb all need drop tables adjusted they do not provide reward based on their difficulty. They drop less adena/items than lowbie zones. Thank you.
  19. @Juji What happens after red libra? Are you just going to leave us with this 0 content update and not change current content? Not buff A grade/cloth/A gem drop rate? No changes to raids? Nothing? The market is in ruin.. People quitting left and right.. Come on bro.
  20. @Juji Do you guys plan on extending the xp settings? Also, any news about pushing another update sooner than later since we have no new content.. Baium/Antharas are unkillable with the current buff/debuff problem on raids and cancel not working. Also high lvl zones Antharas Lair/Imperial tomb/DV have low drops and are impossible for people to farm. Necro/SH Vampiric claw do not have element effects on them. Please increase Orfen/Core/Zaken/AQ to 80+ at minimum probably 82+ is best. Thank you for your time.
  21. @Juji Please consider extending this event.. we need to level more to have a chance at end game content.. Baium/Anthy, 84+ zones.. Thank you.
  22. Vampiric Claw and Dark Vortex from SoulTaker also do not have element bonuses.. Please look into that as well.
  23. Juji, please do something about raids.. Baium/Antharas are not able to be full debuffed therefore are unkillable. You cannot cancel raids so they just get buffed by griefers and cant be killed due to not being able to be canceled. Increase orfen/core/aq/zaken to 80+ so we can pvp/fight over them. Also, please consider extending the xp event longer. No new content was introduced this last "update"... So please work on fixing current raids. Thank you.
  24. ? Will there be any compensation Juji , my 200% and 50% are just wasted....
  25. @Juji Are you going to respond to any concerns? Theres no way for players to farm 80+ zones we have to farm elemental zones with 0 income. Farmers grief raids by buffing them 24/7 and they cant be killed, they also get nerfed by high level characters because we have out leveled all epic bosses that can be killed (Zaken, Core, Orfen, Ant Queen). There is nothing to pvp over, there is no way to farm or gain adena through hunting the basis of Lineage 2 Classic. You're going to force your player base which has near 0 income to pay 3 times more for shots with nothing to make up for it. You're not a
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