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  1. wow! i figured this would be BS made up story or stretch of truth. just saw the video. super shameful MS. how do that many people think that was legit? or did you guys just do it anyway figuring "no way they ban us all". you may be right. but wow at this expense? desperate. NCsoft please just remove all my teleports, seems we cant have nice things, players keep finding ways to take advantage.
  2. Important Question i have please. would like an official answer so i dont get in trouble. If I have the Demon sword Zarchie or Akamanha and I sit in the teleport room of a castle or even inside a castle or fort, is this exploiting? people say no, this is a normal game mechanic, however it is being done to be unassailable to enemies and only come out every 2 hours to kill and blood the sword. And now flying a wyervn to a location and saving a jump is punishable, so i am beginning to think sitting in a castle/fort/colosseum is also punishable. before all this drama i would have said it
  3. Timed Instance recharge stones, they got taken out of the store temp. but can we still use the ones we have already purchased? like before they are put back in the store?
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