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  1. In some of the fields I got nothing...like a bug...is that normal? https://ibb.co/FXqnjc5 https://ibb.co/Ln2Z0tr https://ibb.co/hKtccRM
  2. The refresh skill got increased.
  3. Hi @hime @juji , Could you please check also the iss dominator, the flag skill is now with more delay.
  4. And the best respond of the Year is : "We understand the frustration" hahaha.... all the time they say that, and I really don't think so. I would be good to know how many person are in each of the team. "dev,forums,qa....". You guys only appears in Wed for the update and gone for the rest of the week. I hope that would be a compensation for the item, exp and adena lose for this lag like another kind of game, that even for the mantain they give you a little compensation. please think more in the people, and if this is only a bussines......guys this is the worst marketing ever!
  5. @Juji there will be a fix in the adena and drop? not to much sence to buy this without a fix...
  6. 1 bonus per account? per prestige pack??per month?
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