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    Nobody asked to know how to make adena I ask why once the awakening ended I received the Pauline equipment, skills, horse, etc, but not the mentor certificate and therefore I do not have how to change it Why did not I receive the mentor certificate?
  2. Dimar


    Thanks for the answers summarizing Changing the mentor certificate you get immortal equipment, weapon and jewelry R Twilight would be obtained by purchase at the auctioneer What I have seen at an astronomical price is the R95 .... impossible Any other possibility?
  3. Dimar

    Drop page

    Can you recommend any useful drops page for this classic version? TY
  4. Dimar


    Hello Could you tell me how to obtain the R-grade armor and weapons? Thank you
  5. Hello In all there are many Spanish-speaking people the language is not a problem, the majority of the Spanish-speaking people, also speak English, in addition, the L2 has almost a universal language (I have played even on Russian servers hahaha) You have to have goodwill
  6. Hola Me gustaria saber si hay una página actualizada a esta crónica clásica con los drops y el spoil para cada mob Muchas gracias Hi I would like to know if there is an updated page to this classic chronicle with the drops and the spoil for each mob Thank you
  7. Change / upgrade weapon Hello, formerly there was a service to improve the weapon, delivering the own + adena Currently, is there a quest to obtain a D weapon or no higher than that obtained in the first quests?
  8. I'm also from the old school of l2, and that always happened There are some quest that give you ss, it suits you to do them
  9. OK Fijate si no te esta levantando temperatura el micro o la placa de video, controla que funcionen bien los cooler
  10. Hola Recapitulemos Venías jugando lo más bien hasta que un dia el juego te tira crash y te saca y asi cada vez que entrás Hiciste el check file , todo OK, pero continua tirando crash Bueno, te tiro algunas ideas: 1-reinicia modem y router y probá 2-fijate si en estos ultimos dias no instalaste nada nuevo en la pc que tal vez haya modificado algo 3-hiciste alguna actualizacion de drivers? 4-dale una buena escaneada con antivirus y spyboots 5- si el asunto sigue, no pierdas tiempo, desinstalá el cliente y bajalo nuevo mantenenos al tanto Saludos
  11. Hola probá hacer la verificación de archivos del cliente si no va, tal vez la solución más efectiva sea borrar y reinstalar el cliente Espero se solucione
  12. no creo que se pueda traducir al español ( me refiero al dialogo con npc, quest, etc)
  13. Hola una pregunta hice con mi enano la quest lvl 76 para obtener el equipamento S pero recibi equipamento light & daga se puede cambiar por heavy? como? Hi a question I did with my dwarf quest lvl 76 to get the equipment S but I received light & daga equipment Can you change it for heavy? how?
  14. Hola, estoy un poco en la misma duda, para subir , las misiones estan en el link de abajo pero no indica como subis el clan a lvl 1 , 2 y 3 https://l2wiki.com/Clans_-_Clan_Missions
  15. Dimar

    clan lvl

    Whats steps must be followed in this chronicle to raise the clan level? from 0 to 1 from 1 to 2 & from 2 to 3 How do you get clan reputation points to raise the clan from 0 to 1 and then to 2? TY
  16. Follow the quest, they will raise your lvl, and get adena and equipment
  17. Dimar


    Hola, una pregunta Me gustaría crear un búfer y nivelarlo, como si fuera el personaje principal, ¿cuál es el más recomendado y útil en esta crónica? TY
  18. TY. Another question C, B, A crystals are bought in store ?, I have looked for dwarfs selling and I have not found any, especially C
  19. Hello I am a player since the first chronicles of L2 and I returned after a few years, finding many changes. I have done all the quests receiving the equipment D and C The question is, do you have to do some quest to get the equipament B and A? Are they bought in store? I appreciate your help
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