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  1. Two questions
    1 -for the Exploring the West Wing of the Dungeon of Abyss quest you leave from the Tores npc in Aden and enter speaking to Ingrit or Magrit, but once the quest is over ... how do you get out of the catacomb?
    Just moving to Aden (cost 22000) and back to Tores or is there another way?
    2- Materials and recipes that are not going to be used and that are not sold to other players are priced or sold in city stores
    Is there any place to sell them or is it just to destroy them so as not to take up space?
    Is it a game bug?
    TY for the answers

  2. Spoil - something is wrong
    Yesterday, with my spoiler, I made the quest of seal of shilen, silent valley & cementery completely ...
    I threw spoils at all mobs, not less than 1000, and only got 9 items!
    (all mobs are from my lvl, I see them in white / green)

    What is the spoil rate?
    It's ridiculous

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  3. 7 hours ago, Sesh said:

    uhh the game has been out for 15 years, that's long term

    the game has been around that long and its still attracting new players like you

    Yes, but not so much, it has become very unbalanced
    The new player arrives in a few hours to lvl 85 with an infamous amount of adena and really increases very little until lvl 95 to 100
    So he continues with his common R equipment at a disadvantage to be able to play with mobs or other pjs ... let's add to that the uncontrolled theme of the bots, and that player as well as he started, left the game
    It is not my case, I play since C3, so 15 years later I play for fun and not to compete and I have been a mentor to many new players (first time) and today there are none of them left
    The game lives through real players and not bots, they are killing the trade and the game

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  4. Hi, well, I was a player from the beginning of L2, from the old school of L2 and I have returned recently and obviously the game is very different
    I tried to enchant my R weapons, but they break to +4 ....
    bad luck (come on! ....), I see weapons at +10, +15
    The last one was a requiem weapon that I had obtained with the mentor certificates and did not give me the R crystals.
    So, something I'm doing wrong
    They could tell me (explain as if I was stupid) that scrolls, etc. are being used in this new version
    Thank you so much!

  5. 2 hours ago, Dawe said:

    Kekropus Letters have been deleted, visit Tarti in Gludio instead.

    One of my clan friends was level 68 (spellsinger), she visited Tarti and followed the quest and reached level 85 and passed to Feoh Mystic Muse, but she did not get the equipment Paulina S grade or the Paulina R grade, nor the mentor certificates to exchange for equipment R.

    How do you get these equipments now?

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  6. Hello
    Excuse my ignorance
    If my main class is warrior and I choose a subclass wizard or also warrior but with other equipment, this one , gets Pauline equipment or I have to buy it up to lvl 80
    Would the same thing happen if I want to transform it into a dual class?

  7. Nobody asked to know how to make adena
    I ask why once the awakening ended I received the Pauline equipment, skills, horse, etc, but not the mentor certificate and therefore I do not have how to change it
    Why did not I receive the mentor certificate?

  8. Thanks for the answers
    Changing the mentor certificate you get immortal equipment, weapon and jewelry R
    Twilight would be obtained by purchase at the auctioneer
    What I have seen at an astronomical price is the R95 .... impossible

    Any other possibility?