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  1. Is there an expansion or patch last night? Strangely, my level 108 Eviscerator using only exalted gear can solo in Ivory Tower efficiently. Wow..really amazing! My archer with much better gear can't even do that?
  2. Same encounter for me. A sayha standing there at my spot doing nothing.
  3. I think prolly there is a nerf in this instance. I am getting only about 40% of the box I usually get. Sometime only like 30%.
  4. Red Libra event should be introduce 3 or 4 times a year, instead of half yearly. It's the stepping platform for those under lvl 110 to catch up. There will be more players online as well... actively.
  5. Server is not down. But it kick out prolly more than 50% of players online. Giran are half empty.
  6. Not sure whether its only me. Seems like the adena gain drop drastically. 3 toon.. 60mins instance only get like 2-3mil adena for each of my box. Enough just to cover the shots....
  7. Does anyone get anything good other than spirit ore and soul ore? Since this new instance launch.. i only got this 2 items. Wondering whether its worth the time or not.....
  8. Keep hearing this ingame from different people. New circlet introduce soon? Man.. mean the current circlet (Authority/Grace/ForeSight) going to be useless or drastic drop in value AGAIN? I spent alot on current Circlet..........
  9. Anyone know how to activate this skill? The description state as ACTIVE skill, but i dun see this skill anywhere.
  10. Why only level 10 clan can join the event? Simply dun understand the logic.
  11. Olympiad is waste of time. But you got no choice is you need to enchant skill. Thats the worst part. Ncsoft need to roll out PVP arena fast to make it more fun.
  12. I was shocked to find out.. to try upgrade Splendor Circlet to lvl 4 require almost 130bil (very low chance). How many 130bil I have to throw in to try?
  13. I thought suppose to be implemented last year...but nothing. Which is norm i guess. Maybe this coming 24 Feb? Server ownership reset posted last week. Which is why people buying all the Limited weapon and Elmeroden cloak?
  14. 140 BOX: Best Item I got is ELCYCM. What a joke...
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