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  1. Is this the case? Or I'm looking at wrong place? Need some advice on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. 1 more great job by Ncsoft. Totally not able to take part at all after bringing forward the weekly event by 3hrs....
  3. All facing the same issue? Been hit like 20-30 times for past 1 week plus..... When you start Launch it cannot launch. Simply just hang. Or return error message. Unable to read from update server.................
  4. Error: Buying Soulshot from L2Store

    Already tried many times, still failed.
  5. Anyone encounter error from buying Soulshot in L2Store?
  6. Sayha Seer equipment

    Checking out the description but kinda confusing. Understand that Sayha Seer use magic weapon. But what does Blunt mean? Caster? Buster? Retributer? If anyone can kindly advise. Thanks!
  7. Sayha Seer extinct?

    Back to the game and trying to pick up a new class. Wondering whether Sayha Seer an extinct class now? Under-Power? Rarely see any of them around, even in party. Not sure whether to invest time on this class.