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  1. Sayha Seer damage is terrible. Worse among all class. Prolly you need 10 years to get to Lvl 110. Unless NCSOFT do something about it, else not many players will be trying.
  2. Prolly some bugger selling at ridiculous price and other follow suit. Nobody gonna pay 150-200bil for +12 R110 weapon with 'no sa' or +13 Limited weapon for 350-400bil 'no sa'. Even with 3 SA is also freaking expensive. No point buying it and paying 2.5x to 3x the standard price. Wasting your $$
  3. Was good after maintenance. Now started to Mass DC and Lag again....
  4. What this got to do with the population traffic that hog the performance of the server? Why would it lag for people to log in and cancel what is in the AH.
  5. Really not sure what you talking about. Removing Greedy chest mean removing 1 person 30 to 50 spy cam. How is it comparable.... 1 player selling event items gonna log in 30 to 50 sell shop?
  6. +8 Bloody R99 Set is better than the new +10 Blessed exalted. For better gaming experience, suggest to save more adena to buy +10 R99 set instead. This Blessed exalted armor set a good supplement for your box toons instead.
  7. Yes, remove this Mentor System. It pull a lot of load onto the server. Ncsoft should find other ways, rather then having players creating many accts and putting tons of toons for them to farm Mentee coin and Venir. I know many players running 30-40 toons at the same time, weeks after weeks.
  8. Seems like i am not the only one. I also have same issue. How to fix this?
  9. Quite shock that this issue yet been fix. The last time I tried was like 1 year ago..... How you guys manage to create new account?? I tried few computer and laptop but keep getting the same error over and over again. Fast forward 1 year, still same issue...... GOSH!!! ACCOUNT CREATION FAILED. YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  10. Play a support???? I dun think any party need ISS and Healer. Most have own high level ISS ( level 108 or higher), which is tough to level. Unless you are willing to spend USD600 to 800 hundreds dollars to buy XP rune..XP pots..Prestige pack and box with 1 DD and grind for 12mths to 16mths for level 108 and above. As for Healer... its even worse.. no party need healer at all.
  11. Is there an expansion or patch last night? Strangely, my level 108 Eviscerator using only exalted gear can solo in Ivory Tower efficiently. Wow..really amazing! My archer with much better gear can't even do that?
  12. Same encounter for me. A sayha standing there at my spot doing nothing.
  13. I think prolly there is a nerf in this instance. I am getting only about 40% of the box I usually get. Sometime only like 30%.
  14. Red Libra event should be introduce 3 or 4 times a year, instead of half yearly. It's the stepping platform for those under lvl 110 to catch up. There will be more players online as well... actively.
  15. Server is not down. But it kick out prolly more than 50% of players online. Giran are half empty.
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