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  1. Why only level 10 clan can join the event? Simply dun understand the logic.
  2. Olympiad is waste of time. But you got no choice is you need to enchant skill. Thats the worst part. Ncsoft need to roll out PVP arena fast to make it more fun.
  3. I was shocked to find out.. to try upgrade Splendor Circlet to lvl 4 require almost 130bil (very low chance). How many 130bil I have to throw in to try?
  4. I thought suppose to be implemented last year...but nothing. Which is norm i guess. Maybe this coming 24 Feb? Server ownership reset posted last week. Which is why people buying all the Limited weapon and Elmeroden cloak?
  5. 140 BOX: Best Item I got is ELCYCM. What a joke...
  6. New Cloak coming in the new expansion... :)
  7. Usually most of the main content in Korea will be implemented in US server.
  8. Well.. who gonna pay 60 to 80bil now for a +10 cloak? A +15 Cloak now cost 250 to 300bil (Exclude elmoreden cloak. This cloak can remove from the game. People selling only 45bil in Giran) Just simply nonsense isn't it...
  9. EPIC FAIL i call it. This game gonna be close to the worst game been managed in MMORPG soon enough. Not going to pay anything more than 40bil for a +10 Cloak. Better off with Exalted cloak i guess. No worry Exalted Cloak lvl 2 coming in the new Expansion/Update. Dun think anyone will buy Elmoreden PVP cloak anymore cos its totally useless.
  10. FEOH can solo in Coal is totally new to me. Yul, yes no issue solo in Coal. I always do that. I've never seen FEOH solo in Tanor. Only class I always see is Archer and sometime Evi.
  11. Enchant level will drop 2 level but it's will be still way better than R99 Stats.
  12. Range class are powerful and kill fast. If picking loot also set to auto. Who still want to play melee class.
  13. Those who played Korea server or know how to read korean always have a upper hand. Its always the case. They always make lots of $ cos they know before hand what is in the new expansion. Good luck trying to find an over-enchant R99 weapon now in the server.
  14. Hi all. Seeking your kind advise on what does confusion mean for this augment stats. There is another Augment skill that improve stun... any idea whats the Augment skill name? Thanks in advance.
  15. Removing crafting system kill the game. Alot of players left Lineage2 cos of that.
  16. I'm totally shock. I (Archer) only manage to get a "D" ????!!!!!! in Stage 1. My stuff not the top 5-10% gear....but............with..... +14 Bloody bow (3 Top SA) , Talisman Insanity, Seven Sign, full +10 armor set, all mid-top grade jewel, Abundance talisman......+11 Legendary cloak, Super advance bracelet with 2 top agathion, +5 Noble Circlet Authority... more and more I can see why a lot of players complain about this event. You can't blame them. Which also mean my investment of USD$8-9k in this game came to nothing.
  17. Was really good for past 1mth+ or so. But last 5 days was really bad. DC everyday for few times.
  18. We are all talking about the same thing. Whether Spirit Stone or Life Stone. In-short, you can't really get all this easily, unless you have adena to pay for it. Which is really expensive now. What Ncsoft doing now is slowly dismantling the mechanism of the game. Really disappointing.
  19. Is this the case? Or I'm looking at wrong place? Need some advice on this. Thanks in advance.
  20. 1 more great job by Ncsoft. Totally not able to take part at all after bringing forward the weekly event by 3hrs....
  21. All facing the same issue? Been hit like 20-30 times for past 1 week plus..... When you start Launch it cannot launch. Simply just hang. Or return error message. Unable to read from update server.................
  22. Anyone encounter error from buying Soulshot in L2Store?
  23. Checking out the description but kinda confusing. Understand that Sayha Seer use magic weapon. But what does Blunt mean? Caster? Buster? Retributer? If anyone can kindly advise. Thanks!
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