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  1. Hey...after reading the thread about the fairness of the gm's and the fact that they DO NOT favorise clans/players,i wanna ask you smtg also. Almost 1 year ago,i made a ticket to bring up an issue concerning a game bug...the mp regen.. we all know about this bug existance...many people made tickets,asking for this issue to be solved,yet,after 1 year,nothing happened... You want to be fair? And to show us that you do not take sides?Then u should try at least to give us a good excuse about why you still allow this bug into the game.and why after 1 year and soo much time/money that people invest in L2,you still cannot fix this! I dont want to say that anyone is incompetent or anything but, if after 1 year your employees cannot find a solution to something this simple,then ofc we might think that you do favorise some clan/s Hope to get an answer to this soon,and not after some more years...
  2. Molensa 1 hit Isnipyes :))))

    WTB friends "Molensa
  3. Siege 13th may MS vs NOVA

    Enjoy 😏
  4. LF dustpags siege video....

    Omg,this just made my day!!!
  5. Renovatio at Valakas???

    Who is this Ferine anyway.never heard of him.i have 1 question for Nova: are u guys looking for excuses for your failures or u rly try to convince yourselves that we rly cheat? Instead of crying all day long,u should come to pvp us,to learn a bit more what to do during pvps....u gotta admit...your suports rly need the practise.we are asking for pvp all day,every day...but seems like u either arent alowed to do it,so u dont lose crp or u are ashamed to loose every single time