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  1. feoh way out a lot overpowered with that update from what I heard. but haven't one so can't be sure.
  2. as I told prolly u misread me on start and again ^^ toi is 50% less for me. not 10% "Tyrr/Dagger/Feoh had same gear" not, is what I wrote. with same gear will do way much more. "then...great" what ? and is easy now say " d u know u can farm 2 spot" but when someone do and got banned , then is ?? right cz he can't. so he can or he can't ? I play stand on the rules. many ppl banned for using macro for 2 spots and I don't want to test on my skin.
  3. Sorry. Prolly u misread. 3h iOS day 2.2b I wrote. And remove 2 iOS Stone bought for 500m each nowdays price, are 1.2b ,and still Need to remove the consumables, so max 900m clean or less in 3h iOS. At 114 with nice Gear. +21bow and all items with right augment. And less than 5b /week in toi clean. That Is long way different from what u read and wrote (4b day) Btw Yesterday did a test putting tradable not augmented items on dagger 112 ( greater gems, atk artifacts, cloak and agathion) with not augmented limited weapon +15, no forgotten learned and dark light set (yul h
  4. And that in what way Will affect the damage or the adena drop? (Perhaps atm there Is vit mantaining rune remaining off topic )
  5. Well onestly that Is not hard to compensate. Rose on and Is like with Red buff on. I noticed a big Nerf. Before redlibra I was making 2.6b in 3h iOs with Just rose buff and cocktail. Yesterday with rose + cookie+ new event buff : 2.2b Toi solo full buff rose beer and dragon : b3fore and during redlibra was at 12/13b Now Will end with like 5.5/6 ( but this can be mixed with toi's adena Nerf, idk) Seems I do much more hit without crit than before. Like 50% Nerf. And my Gear Is a bit more than It was. Talking about yul gs . Dwarf race. Donno if others have same is
  6. my favourite class since I discovered it is tyrr maestro ^^ nick: equitalia server: chronos
  7. @Juji hi REVENGE tab will be implemented in new UI ?? in chronos we're all waiting for this for find "ex" thanks !
  8. juji 2 easy fast questions... 1st.. what is the enchant success rate for freya stick event? same of all others weapon/armor enchants? and 2nd... the game is 1 year older respect 2018 freya event...then... why the price of event items is the double? is really strange politic in my opinion. ty for reply.
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