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  1. sell what ?blank scrolls? or enchant? anyway grocer dont sell neither of them
  2. hi all does any1 knows if the older enchant scrolls (weap-armors) are still available in the game? i see them on mammon but to buy them they ask to have blank scrolls . for what i know blank scrolls are not avalable anymore so any idea ? is it possible to find old scrolls or no?
  3. hi all my Q is this : is it possible to augument a insane kelbim weap? and if it is with what crystal?
  4. hi i notice that i can t find any option in blacksmith or head blacksmith if i want to upgrade bloody armor to r110 is this a bug or i miss somethink here?
  5. hi all i am looking for confirmation if any1 see your chars hp drop after wedsdays update ty
  6. ONE disgusting human being, PK-ing an entire ZONE u take the game 2 serious man u cant say this words and speak for a person like that even if this person does that in the game is not good for your mental health the game is not real life
  7. where exacly do u hunt and u get Treasure Boxes ? because i hunt 2 days now and no drop box on fields 103+plus
  8. if no1 buy or sell where the adena coming from>? because heroes have adena to give u if u buy from them for ncoins
  9. question: does the top players pay for there armor weap etc? answer : NO! and plz listen why i am say that the topend players dont pay anythink they farm specific places with all the big drops no one else can do that... they dont let them... because of this! they can sell the drops for adena who do they sell? to players and they get adena and what they do after? they sell adena for? ncoins!!! so u see guys the topend players are they same ppl again and again years now i play this gam 14 years now and they are the same almost the same ppl ok maybe there a few exeptions a
  10. the way the game hoes become makro is a part of the game and is impossible for normal players to do quests or factions with out it i just make hb faction 750 and after 3 hours and several breaks my hands was def-idly had problem so except from the hardcore 24/7 players(that doesn't care about real life) and the 105+ (i have nothing to do in the game anymore so i try to keep macro disabled in any forum there is with posts ) ncsoft must actived macro asap is critical for the game life
  11. dunno what to say maybe they nerf exp only in infinity zone mobs but what i say is true 7m before 4m after with no xp boost or clan boost i dunno in other places but from what i read other ppl notice that too
  12. i was in infity and hunting some mobs for quest (no quest mob) and before maintenance i was takeing 7 m per mob in 2 man party after the maintenance i notice that the xp was drop from 7m to 4m. and before and after i was not havn t any vitality or boost xp. thats the reason why i ask
  13. hi i notice that with this maintenance the xp from mobs are droped almost in half do i miss something here? any info about that??
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