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  1. Dude, have you SEEN them? This is not just auto-hunt, it's 1000+ bots fully scripted to walk, teleport, recharge, rest, teleport out to refill SS, and before the no Exp loss, they even had a automatic de-leveling script to kill themselves and keep hunting on low level areas. This is a MASSIVE operation that is killing any hope for new players. ALL ZONES from RoA to Ivory Crater and Sea of Spores, possibly even higher (that's where I gave up) are filled ENTIRELY with pony bots and summoners. As mostly melee solo I reached a point where I could not hunt a single mob, because there are SO many (and they are so strong) they kill the mobs as soon as they spawn and you can reach it. This is a serious problem and the admins are doing nothing about it. Don't get me started on adena bots pming you everytime. I gave up for now, possibly not coming back if ever this is fixed. They let the server die and don't care because of high level p2w spenders. So don't be a smarty pants.
  2. Bug Vicious Stance and Focus Attack - Warlord

    I have not tested but, Vicious Stance and Focus Atk are Toggle skills. Meaning you turn them on or off and they consume small mana while active. They don't have animation, but if you open your character status window and turn them on/off you will see the difference. Vicious Stance increases the damage of your critical attacks ( P. Critical Damage ) which is a hidden status. Focus Attack makes it so you attack only 1 enemy with spears,and increases your accuracy and critical damage as well. You can see if it's working if you toggle Focus Attack, you should see your P.Accuracy increase a bit. You can also look for the damage you deal on critical attacks and compare them with the skills on and off. Hope that helps!
  3. WTB Plate Helmet or Plate Helm Designs

    Looking for Plate helmet to complete a Half Plate set or Designs to craft it, need 7 designs left. Hunting for it is impossible due to pony bots on ivory crater =/
  4. Bots - serious topic

    I'm reviving this post because I don't want to make a new one but SERIOUSLY, this bot problem is out of hand, specially now with the christmas event... Ruins of Agony is impossible to hunt, there are hundreds of them on EVERY. SINGLE. SPOT. You are lucky one of them die and you get a spot. It's a never ending stream of pony bots. Now with the event is even worse!!! Gorgon Garden behind Giran is now also impossible to hunt for any melee, also crowded with bots in every spot that kill stuff extremely quick. I'm trying to hunt materials and just level in general and even later areas, like death pass and hardins academy, hunting over-leveled mobs, they are spreading like a disease. I'm nearly giving up on classic altogether. If any admin reads this, please for any respect you have left for youserlves and this community, DO SOMETHING!