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  1. 1. Japan 2. No 3. Every 10-15 min got dc 4. At moment Beleth's Magic Circle
  2. Yesterday was playing as sudenly got dc on my 2 acc since all ppl have this issue didnt give it attention, but when I try get back in the game got red lettered messege that trought suspision activity my ip was blocked. Really? ( making newbie char for mentee is suspisios?) Anyway next what I was thinking let send ticket with my acount what is still ok . I cant even log with that on site to make ticket. So what is the option for ppl like me right now without see onother options and before you advise restart roother I did it too.
  3. It is possible you just need to go to option and make it fit as you like even you have lower detail option there, change window size even. What is bad that you will need to do it each time since the last config stays.
  4. Today is really hard to play instant lagging and sudenly getting dcs and now even cant log becouse there is 61 players waiting in gueue O.o.Well that never happend for me before.
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