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  1. I checked yesterday and it does not give you anything unfortunately. Nothing is written in its description and nothing on the passives. It is just a mini armored valakas. Same thing goes with Antharas agathion. Only difference is that Antharas is agathion only and does not need upgrades, while antharas is bracelet and agathion which means you will lose any bonuses your normal bracelet gives if you want a tiny Valakas flying next to you.
  2. Suggestion for Tanks

    Yes, this is a function I would very much love to have but as @Nymphadorae mentioned, it might be difficult to be implemented. On the other hand, nothing is impossible, there should be a solution for this, they could add the cubics as abnormal states and have a countdown too, or, keep them permanently on character until unsummoned. For now, I add the death cubic in my tanking macro and I have the bit extra heal now and then or when not using tanking macro I have a cubic macro with delay 360 in.
  3. Equip agathion, double click the stone, talk to the fiery thingy that appears in front of you and it will teleport you to Valakas Lair. While in the lair, use the evolution skill (ctrl-k) and will have a chance to evolve agathion to the next level. After using the skill, talk to the fat npc at the edge and teleport back.
  4. Tips for newbies with in-game macroses.

    I like and applause anything that makes this community grow and play more efficiently. Thank you both @Helvie and @LordDragnil, I had some trouble figuring out how to fit healing melody when debuffing... My question though is, how you sustain your mana this way? In parties without healer I have a hard time maintaining mana and have to add healing melody with /delay 15 to be sustainable...
  5. Suit Appearance

    I can't seem to find a white knight photo for Dark Elf female, anyone has a pic that could share? Thank you

    Slycutter you recently returned? (cause I did and don't see a lot of the old people ) I was particularly happy when I saw the name and crest run around in Aden To the matter of the topic now, impersonation or social engineering is one of the main methods of stealing real or virtual goods nowadays. Our clan is a recent target as there are people impersonating the leader or top people trying to pull through the old "drop your weapon to be enchanted for free" trick. Since I am only in exalted I am not a target, yet The rule is do not give anything or do not fall for tricks (if it is too good to be true, then its a scam ), unless you know the other in real life. Especially if we are talking about hard earned gear...
  7. I have made the same question but none bothered to answer. The Mentor Manager NPC no longer has the options... @Hime@Juji You guys could have enabled the options for a week or so and give any returning player the option to use these leftovers...
  8. Macro: Shadow Snare

    The steps in more detail: 1. Go to spot you want to hunt forevah 2. Hit alt+k to open the skills window and from that window drag all the skills you want to use during your hunt in your macro (including snare) 3. Use snare without the macro. This will setup the area of effect for the skill 4. Start using your macro. With the first non-auto execution of the snare (step 3 above) you actually configure the skill to hit on a specific area. Once you start auto hunt, and the macro reaches the snare skill, it will target the same area. Clear?

    @Juji thank you for fixing this but what about the event buff that expired during the downtime? Are we still getting the box or they daily reward is wasted?
  10. Suggestion: Make Tank Cubics recyclable

    Agree with this, now I have to put them on macro, thank god they don't consume stones as they used to do...
  11. Any chance we could spend any leftover diplomas (returning player) before the deletion? The option has been removed from the mentoring guide
  12. How do i get r armor, or how can i craft one?

    You should have received the paulina twilight armor at lvl40 on the second class transfer. This can take you easily up to 100. Once you finish the 1st exalted quest, you will get the R99 armor and weapon. If you are an old player like me that finished the lvl40 quest ages ago, then too bad, you will have to manage on your own till lvl99 and lvl100 and first exalted.
  13. Exalted Quest bugged

    You need to go to Lionel Hunter in Heine and there is an option to receive the gear from Exalted part 1 and 2.
  14. How to make adena since new update ??

    Oriharukon ore sells in helvetia for 10k, ether for 0... The first can be sold in AH, the latter nowhere. And what to do with prestige pack when all the adena drops are cropped and there are no more drops...
  15. Ninja Adena Nerf

    One more thing I just noticed or slipped by me... Quoting from the ether description: "Can also be sold in the shop" Which shop? Cause Helvetia gives me 0 adena for it... Cannot put it in auction... Cannot put it in private store...