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  1. How do i get r armor, or how can i craft one?

    You should have received the paulina twilight armor at lvl40 on the second class transfer. This can take you easily up to 100. Once you finish the 1st exalted quest, you will get the R99 armor and weapon. If you are an old player like me that finished the lvl40 quest ages ago, then too bad, you will have to manage on your own till lvl99 and lvl100 and first exalted.
  2. Exalted Quest bugged

    You need to go to Lionel Hunter in Heine and there is an option to receive the gear from Exalted part 1 and 2.
  3. How to make adena since new update ??

    Oriharukon ore sells in helvetia for 10k, ether for 0... The first can be sold in AH, the latter nowhere. And what to do with prestige pack when all the adena drops are cropped and there are no more drops...
  4. Ninja Adena Nerf

    One more thing I just noticed or slipped by me... Quoting from the ether description: "Can also be sold in the shop" Which shop? Cause Helvetia gives me 0 adena for it... Cannot put it in auction... Cannot put it in private store...
  5. Close to doing the same thing too. Returned to the game after long time and was beginning to enjoy farming at certain low level areas that are not insanely crowded (obviously not talking about Pavel...). The documented change of mats not being sellable (and now not droppable in these areas any more) destroyed my adena making chances. I only have two accounts, I have a life, I do not want to create more just to be able to sustain my main character. Also, the change in blazing swamp is ridiculous! The area, at least the first day I checked, is completely not playable as it is an FFA arena and unless you are a heavy DD you have no chance of doing anything. At least in the previous version of the area if you were lucky you could get an area for yourself and stay for some time. Hell, I even managed to make the 1000 items in just one afternoon with my alt. Needed luck but was doable, what I saw yesterday was crazy... On the other hand, the change in bloody swamp is better as the area is not for farming but for leveling. In one overnight xp I got 0 drops, nothing except adena, but my iss got from 96 to 97,5 in 7 hours with 0 vit. That is good. Thank you very much for the exalted rewards, good thing that for once you considered the players that have already finished the q. Also, EV now does not have aggro mobs which is again good for us, undergeared strugglers. In short, I believe that in this patch, you made some effort to fix and improve some things, but it seems that you also made some effort to destroy some things, in both efforts, you succeeded. And imagine I did not have enchanted skills or weapons or whatever all the other heavy investors are complaining about. Let's see if some of the destroyed gets back to normal at some point.
  6. Make this game better :)

    Another thing they could do, is that when a flagged player comes close while you are using aoe skills, you would not flag back unless you have force attack enabled. Don't think that this would be any hard to implement and would save lower level macro players a lot of grief...