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  1. There is some kind of policy blocking you. Happened to me twice. Support is the way to go. Contact them and within 24 hours they will respond to you that the policy is lifted and try again.
  2. if you mean the phoenix arrow or snare or mass death gate etc, then you just add the skill in your macro (not first skill). Before running the macro, manually execute the skill in order to set the desired area that it would hit and then activate the macro. Now, when the macro reaches the skill, it will auto-execute it in the setup area. There is no way of changing that area automatically, but if you play active, then you could be manually using the skill when needed and the macro will re-adjust to the new area.
  3. So, this is just another crappy description of skill? As it clearly mentions +1% pdef
  4. Since the class specific threads do not have so much visibility, I am adding my question also here Shilen Templar here and I have started enchanting my skills and I am wondering about the hex option. It mentions +x% on pdef but it is not clear if this is permanent passive boost or trigger or whatever, or if it affects the mobs. I added 1 enchantment on my Vanishing Stun but I do not see any change on my pdef stat. Added also 6 levels in superior aggression aura but not sure if it had any effect. Any hints? Thank you
  5. Well, Oriana event is pretty stupid. You participate in the draw, no winner is selected during the attempts made by the system within the hour, no coins as no winner is selected. Then a crappy reward is in the draw, so you do not participate as you want to keep the tickets for something better. And now a winner is selected, again no coins as you did not participate. Not to mention the advanced talismans that in event page mention 2 hours, on item description it mentions nothing and as I read in this forum, after you buy them, you get the notification that it is 2h... I was actually hoping
  6. Hi fellow meat shields, I have started enchanting my skills and I am wondering about the hex option. It mentions +x% on pdef but it is not clear if this is permanent passive boost or trigger or whatever, or if it affects the mobs. I added 1 enchantment on my Vanishing Stun but I do not see any change on my pdef stat. Added also 6 levels in superior aggression aura but not sure if it had any effect. Any hints? Thank you
  7. They do not have fixed locations, they spawn in 105+ areas every 12(+/-4 i think) hours within regular mob groups. All these areas are overcrowded with cameras (toons that stay in the middle of nowhere and ping their owner if a box is found, usually using a bot program, for which no-one is doing anything) so you have to be extremely lucky to find a greedy chest alive and even luckier if you are allowed to kill it. If you are low geared it is nearly impossible to kill it in time as it has crazy hp recovery rate and you will be eventually ganked and out-dpsed (if not pked). Since the chests appe
  8. Agreed, for both, you need gear to make up for the time given. Atm I am 109 closing to 110, I dont hope I will see soon 112 and being a tank I do not think I will ever see IoS 112 . ToI, maybe
  9. The game has become harder after the last update. Areas I used to tank with just iss heals (FoM, IoP), now I cannot without a healer. Need to work a bit on resistances but the purpose intended I believe is to have more people in party. NC never cared about xp, so I don't even bother with those numbers... My dwarfie was able to duo easily in Aligators (R99+8 hvy set) but after the update she was not. I made some changes on abilities and added protection and anakim talismans and she is back to normal. I do not consider PI and Storm to be waste for archer (Sly is also an Archer afaik).
  10. Single target again, I believe yes. AOE, no, even if the tank can work with ISS heals in that area (even with exalted), you will not have enough DPS to kill mobs fast enough and you will probably end up with no mp on ISS. I cannot give you great advice on 3member parties as my main is tank and all the investments go there, so I do not have a DD to actually kill. Only thing that has worked wonders with me and friends, is maestro-iss, evis-iss, these two pairs can do wonders even with exalted gear. My proposal remains the same, find a helpful PVE clan. From there, you can find all the
  11. You should have more than enough wooden arrows to start till lvl40 and like 100k arrows when you get your paulina gear. Are you sure you are on Live and not on Classic? Cause if you are on Classic servers, you posted in the wrong forum section
  12. With only exalted I don't think you have much chance, even on EV which would be a good spot. Only chance you would have is with single target hunting in EV/Phantasmal but not entirely sure that the mobs will be green to you or light blue. I suggest start looking for a custom party that could be stable and can help you advance. If you don't have a clan, try looking for a helpful PVE clan that could assist with dailies and timed zones so that you can build up some cash.
  13. It's for collection. You combine it with a holy water thingy that you buy from Grocer. Collection needs various levels in order to complete. Haven't tried it yet, so cannot say if it is 1/1000000000000 chances to go lvl1
  14. The problem is that when the ISS has you already targeted, the command: "/target <name>" works as follow command. What you could do is the below: /target MeddlingMageGR /useskillstand Healing Melody /target %self /delay 3 Keep in mind though that if the ISS is not close enough, the Healing Melody will not be cast (but with the mob groups now, this should not be an issue) Although it is usually best for the ISS to target itself when casting the healing melody so that the max healing is applied to the most injured person. Hope I helped
  15. In Aden, on the left side of the fountain, just down the stairs. You will see a Luminous Juju homunkulus, that's the npc. Around it, you will see all the new homunkulus floating.
  16. @Hime You do understand that now, all this flaming about the release notes is pretty much justified, right? You mentioned "before Wednesday", its Tuesday and we are still without release notes with only assumptions on what is going to be delivered in 24h... I do not know what to assume for this delay, but whatever it is, it is not good, it shows a bad image for you and your company and this becomes a vicious circle now... To the rest, from what I read from Juji's post about soulstone/spiritore, nothing significant changes, it does not say that the ores cannot be bought by the groce
  17. If I remember the npc name correctly its Yin in Aden. You should find the NPC near the fountain at the center of the city and you can buy stones and crystals. Up until a certain level you can use stones, then you have to use crystals with a chance to fail (again, if I remember correctly). For cost for reaching 450 elemental I cannot help
  18. BTW, another way to farm elcuym was the repeatable quest in EV as far as I remember. We are still waiting for the return of these quests that were stopped "temporarily".
  19. When are we going to have the details of the new prestige pack? Maybe this time it would be worth buying? You can't be mentioning that the pack will be enhanced with new items and dont mention the actual items. Unless you don't actually know what is contained, which is rather scary to be honest
  20. I agree with Sly on this. The ether is huge problem for me, especially now that the blessing scrolls for R99 only drop from dragons and I need (surprise) ether to craft my own (60% chance) for also a chance of blessing the gear. Also, not sure how do you guys come to the conclusion that "All people have +10 sets - if want", I have been asking to buy a +10 blessed R99 heavy set in Chronos for 2 weeks now and the only replies I got were pretty much irrelevant... For Elcyum, there is a way to farm it, through fishing, but if you dont have fancy rod, it will take AGES to get the amount n
  21. I checked yesterday and it does not give you anything unfortunately. Nothing is written in its description and nothing on the passives. It is just a mini armored valakas. Same thing goes with Antharas agathion. Only difference is that Antharas is agathion only and does not need upgrades, while antharas is bracelet and agathion which means you will lose any bonuses your normal bracelet gives if you want a tiny Valakas flying next to you.
  22. Yes, this is a function I would very much love to have but as @Nymphadorae mentioned, it might be difficult to be implemented. On the other hand, nothing is impossible, there should be a solution for this, they could add the cubics as abnormal states and have a countdown too, or, keep them permanently on character until unsummoned. For now, I add the death cubic in my tanking macro and I have the bit extra heal now and then or when not using tanking macro I have a cubic macro with delay 360 in.
  23. Equip agathion, double click the stone, talk to the fiery thingy that appears in front of you and it will teleport you to Valakas Lair. While in the lair, use the evolution skill (ctrl-k) and will have a chance to evolve agathion to the next level. After using the skill, talk to the fat npc at the edge and teleport back.
  24. I like and applause anything that makes this community grow and play more efficiently. Thank you both @Helvie and @LordDragnil, I had some trouble figuring out how to fit healing melody when debuffing... My question though is, how you sustain your mana this way? In parties without healer I have a hard time maintaining mana and have to add healing melody with /delay 15 to be sustainable...
  25. I can't seem to find a white knight photo for Dark Elf female, anyone has a pic that could share? Thank you
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