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  1. New Player here with alot of Money to waste

    This is, by FAR the most polite and accurate thing I have read on Forums since the L2BLAH era... Well described and to the point. On topic, fellow @harry71069, you are better off NOT investing any money into this game. In order to compete, (with a fast pace) no only you need a lot of cash, but a deeper understanding of the game that your need to get there fast, won't just cut it. you will end up quitting within 6-10 months and giving away gear to randoms as gifts (let's not touch the cash-out option for now). As @b0uff0s mentioned, in essence, this game is not for you, nor for anyone of us anymore. There are so many NCstore events that the market can't even self-regulate for more than 2 weeks and stabilize. Given that putting in 2k per month (24k per anum that is btw...) is trying to get from point A to point B fast, trust me that you won't have time to realise or understand how the game even works. Hope in the end of the day you do anything you rly wish and if you need help, dont hesitate to contact me via mail here or ingame mail. Cheers, Safestash
  2. New Player here with alot of Money to waste

    This is because othels don't relly only on weapon but on many, many other factors. Top geared othel can also murder you with an R grade weapon.
  3. Yesterday was HELL all time die for lag

    maybe your Freya 30-day pve rune expired, as well as your ruby lv.5-30 day and you are back to normal dmg output? also, asking for "any compesation wtf?!" will result in no constructive reply from anyone.
  4. Incoming PK System

    Just dropping this in for conversation as well. Since the "no penalty" pk system was introduced, people have stacked up their PK count. I hope that the new system will also take in consideration this and do something about it. So unless PK count is not traded with Bloods, then we should be seeing some sort of adjustments. Cheers
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Try restarting, and it will be back. The Aden Tour Button bugs and disapear on it's on. Stability huh?
  6. Screen Shot Contest Winner Announcement

    Unless I understood that wrong, the contest is only for the states and canada and not for the rest of the world, while their playerbase is vastly more than just that. How is this justifiable?
  7. Adena Farm

    Invest 30billion and start fishing before this gets nerfed again.
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    1 Hour is also the emperor buff potion, so someone may be working and alt tab once per hour to just check. The one hour seems to be fine. Nice touch with the extra hair accessories, can't wait to see new bracelets, agathions talisman etc that will only be available via boxes and Nc Store. Maybe then people will understand...
  9. Crystals of Soul

    These items come from Spoilers (othel fortune seeker) and and they are not tradable via AH or private store. With these items, you are able to buy spirit stones, as mentioned above, (any of the town blacksmiths. The option is under the Augmentation menu.) Since the game doesn't provide plenty of these, I'd suggest letting the spoilers keeping these items and then buy off them spiritstones. Note that the amount of crystals needed for the stones are quite high.
  10. Hi all, Just was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same as me. I have 3 clients on, and one of them is always lagging extremely, like 10 second or more delay in chat, movement etc. The other 2 clients run perfectly fine in town and farming areas. Any idea what kind of dark sorcery this is and how can it be amended? Thanks in advance, Cheers
  11. Client Lag more than 10 seconds delays

    New thing now, the 3rd client dc's quite frequently...
  12. Client Lag more than 10 seconds delays

    Aint fixing the issue for me... still weird and the delay is indeed insane...
  13. Client Lag more than 10 seconds delays

    close the Nc launcher 2 and then run it again under different account..
  14. Question about Scammers

    kinda makes sense to me. Imagine a world that you get scammed in game, then waste Customer support resources with your poor English (not yours in particular, but just saying...) to explain what happened and then expect to be returned the items that in most cases you willingly traded. its like i gave you something we agree on and then i change my mind and get it back from the Customer service without you agreeing upon the return. There are some gaps that can't be filled. Thus, it is VERY rare for items to be returned if you get scammed. cheers
  15. Question about Scammers

    I agree on this, Scams have been an old time classic thing. Should you be gullible to fall for any time of scam, imo, you deserve it and nothing should happen. You fell for it, deal with it. Cheers
  16. Question about Scammers

    Just to add my two cents here as well, imho makking NC Coins a tradable item might even resolve many problems ingame, besides scams. And before you oppose and complain about this idea, think about a second the way the NCstore works and if that would make NC coins and Hero Coins a better thing to be excanched. I'd also back the idea to have NC Coin being exchanged in the store for adena and vice versa, with the price fluctuating up and down, based on the demand and supply. Selling coins back to the store for adena would always have a exchange rate that wouldn't allow the player to fully benefit (something like exchange fee etc) Blizzard has been doing this for YEARS with the WoW Tocken, where you can buy it with either IRL currency or ingame gold. The irl currency is fixed, at (using euros for our example) 20 euros or some value of ingame gold (lets use as example) 180.000-250.000 gold. Players decide and buy the Tocken with either of the two ways provided, the coin is also tradable, so someone may want to buy it off another player and either resell it for profit, with the involved risk, or use it for his game subscription (in our L2 case, NC Store use) or redeem it for IRL currency in his account, for 13 euro. Cheers PS: Keep up the good work Ando.
  17. Why don't pk drop?

    Just another view on this... People now spend tons of IRL currency on this game. If they droped their items, they would then complain. And they did, as there was an exploitation of game system that was NOT ban-able to perform. Thus, the decision was to remove the option for karma loaded characters to explode like Piñatas. Same effect was when death from monsters would make people to drop their gear and other players used to "train" mobs on people and then loot their gear. Also removed and honestly, i do miss that too. ;P cheers
  18. Why there is SO many disconections ?

    Sorry to be an combo breaker to the many saying about their disconects, but my 3 accounts have been online for 6 days and 21 hours till this server restart... Sometimes its not the L2 servers that mess up, but your provider may have some fluctuations to the stability and thus causing you to disconnect.
  19. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    No offence to player-base and who ever runs our version of Lineage, but I do imagine that team being like 4-6 people in rotation for emergencies, in a small server room with ice-buckets to cool-down the servers. Please don't complain for the free items that you get (mostly not get). The sooner you realize that this is a game with a atypical subscription, via the NCstore, the better, plus you save us the rest from reading salty stories. It has been proven MULTIPLE times that no one cares for the playerbase here, our opinions matter little to none, and honestly? This is the way it should be. What do you expect? Juji and the rest Gm's to succumb to any wish you have? Servers are at max capacity, thus you will experience latency and queues, nothing they can do about this (or willing to do so, and it's their right!!) Want to push them to listen to you? Then stop paying money to them, it is supposed to be a free to play game, so if the player base acted like it, then they would listen. Cheers.
  20. 1. Where you're from: GR/UK 2. Char name and class: xXxCerberusxXx, Grand Khavarati, lost account during the account migration and a ban hammer (not sure which came first). Then I rolled on Safestash, Fortune Seeker, where saved a few items on an alt account in an email that I didn't even have access to anymore, which ended up being my main after that. Only made a dwarf as I could carry lots of stuff on me and I liked heavy armor looks on dwarfs in comparison with Orcs. 3. Original server: I think it was Devianne. 4. Level and % today Doesn't matter, we live the era of afker's and bots but im 105lv and some %... 5. How many times did you quit and come back?I don't remember the dates, but the chronicles. So the first quit was when Kamael was first launched. Gave away all my gear to a random kamel, and headed off to the sunset. then I came back when the Moirai sets were the top end game thing to have.played a lot then, when awakening hit us hard. Then I kinda quited again, only to coem back at some point, quite again and now casually afkin. Most of the people I have known well, since the c2-3 are now married, with children playing either WoW or nothing. I miss Jado, Hungry, Morlek, my friends Err0r and Scarf4c3 with whom we had an amazing time. Also Chika and her buffer Abela or abela. I wish classic wasn't a joke as it is now, so that we felt the same good old days once again but, no, classic L2 had to be a p2win again.
  21. you are joking right? i don't even know what the dev tracker is...
  22. @Hime, please do not ignore us in regards to the client number. People came back for this thing, and slowly started grinding their way back to their lost prime. Either tell us that you don't know or share what you can share, however, ignoring shows disrespect. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  23. Hmm, this doesn't really make any sense, so why bother mentioning at all, if you don't care to elaborate. Then what about previous settings that you have changed? Monster spawn is it reverted, and since not, when will it be. thanks.
  24. Circlet Upgrade

    ofc it will come on the store soon. They gave a free (idk how much it was worth to have a +5 normal circlet) to every single alt we may have forgotten after enabling the no limit clients and now the 7 limit clients. I don't believe that they do things as such without a sizable benefit for them and the casino marketing scheme they have implemented works exactly like this. Give the customer the sense of winning and you will milk them for ever. So yea, expect a circlet event soon after they fix lag issues. Also expect a new circlet, maybe even more powerfull for the emo end game players that want to have that little way extra than casuals. At the same time I am thinking that soon we will be introduced to the brooch event again, since we all have a bunch of lv.2 now. And last but not least, I expect the quest that will give us all r110 armor and weapons (normal) so that we feel inclined to spend on NCstore and take them to +10/limited etc. just.wake.up.people. cheers
  25. @JujiFeel free to remove the auto-hp potion as well. I doubt anyone has great use of it in pvp or pve...