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  1. Oriana girl 50 coins exchange has got over 15 random (very low) rewards, one normally might expect a simple enchant scroll or something at least when spending over 25000 ORIANA COINS??? All i received was magical tablets, that i sold and bought coins with over again. This exchange chance is either ridiculously low or there's literally no way of getting any of the rewards that are not tablets or coins. Can people share their total amount of coins spent and the rewards they reaped please?
  2. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    Thanks buddy <3 seems my understanding was correct then
  3. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    2kk per tablet
  4. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    Right that is understandable in that regards. Don't forget the fact that there's enchant scrolls c grade b grade and such, are they suppost to be same rarity as the epic jewelry??? That really does not make sense.
  5. Hi all, I am a lineage 2 returning player, after many years back from childhood, the game escalated to being way different. I have no idea wether to grind or to quest, because apparantly same level mobs give 0.3% xp per, whilst quests give like 2-4 levels ever hour. I am lacking guidance in game, i have no idea what to do? A suggestion or two would be very nice from the community. :))