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  1. What about the attribute damage that not exist at orcs?
  2. Why we have to pay adenas to go to a pk char and is not allowed in every location?? pk should not be able to teleport or buy from shop the stats should be redused at least 50% or let the guys who like to have pk to pk with the main char and spent coins to clear cause all thesse weak players make an op pony just to pk and ruin the game of the others
  3. What about fixing the items that u sell to npc? are all 0 adenas fish are not tradable either the stews guys we dont play on live server were supposed to play classic or else rename it to liveJR so ppl not expect classic server
  4. whats the reason mats have no value anymore?

    So NC can sell adenas through the sites. As simple dah They eliminate every resorce of the game and npcs ask for enormus ammount of adenas. They killed the economy of the game. No drops No adena drops No tradable items even the fish are not tradable now even mats like spirit ore and soulshots are not tradable You want to buy something? Buy adenas so pathetic