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  1. if you try not to give us reward rune back please extend server boost for one or two more week pls
  2. So no macro?

    many people didn't even play since this patch /update because they so dissapointed I opened all my reward rune right before this update and basically waist all 200% exp runes can we get compensate for this?just replace them again?
  3. Dear juji and hime!!!!

    this new update disable auto buff and auto hunt is by mistake? go check most hunting spot …..it's all clear...nobody exping anymore... people only fishing or log off because they pissed I have 9 account with 200% rune active.... and I don't know when you gonna fix this disaster..... if this is not error or mistake and if it's permanent change then don't even bother to compensate my 200% rune...because im done with this game 15 years of playing game of lineage1 and leneage2 been royal and vip customer all the time but this is total dissapointment you guys better respond to this topic before too late
  4. vip holiday gift event reward rune will give out on jan 8 2020 ?
  5. this was the worst siege ever since I played this server and sad day if u are not in lotus side why hopeless ,nsk and all other clan not work together? nsk didn't even work with same alliance and killed same ally again? if you guys keep doing like this,server gonna be one side and dead very soon
  6. Dear juji and hime!!

    all I want for Christmas is exp boost event starting on dec 11/2019
  7. nice siege guys 12/08/2019

    by the way ,when we gonna get more castle? we need more castle pls~~~
  8. Best party set up

    tank,sws,bd,wc or domi,cadi and se (no need ee if ur cp gonna be strong enough to not pr) and 2 pony and one necro
  9. gratz lotus to taking giran finally it was lotus vs all getting close one time but too many clan in other side maybe hard to communicate in ts I guess I can feel the pain whoever leading other side ... anyway at the end eddie almost one shot all ppl...and sitting dead body of vallum at the end was epic gratz lotus again and it was good siege what happened to legacy?they were strong few weeks ago with a lot of ppl…. they totally dissapeard...I see maybe one or two party? dalmon need to be back..... and maybe otherside need to get merge..... well.....stop grinding and pvp more often?
  10. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    can we get detail about this upcoming event on dec 11?i mean in advance,not dec 10 9pm or something so ppl can get excited and prepare for this event thx
  11. top three pvp class ? I know necro and ES are still op but whatelse is strong class for pvp ? what class is fun to play and why?