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  1. What are you asking for? I can't decipher if its too hard for you or too easy? What do you mean "full pk/pvp" ? The people getting pk'd are most likely afk therefor don't turn it into pvp, that's their choice. They should bring back drop on 3+pk's and fix the way people can exploit, simple, but not for ncsoft, that's too much work to fix it. Gimme some ideas of what YOU think would make it better.
  2. I agree it could use some tweaking but you still wouldn't be happy. If I go to a area and it's 100% full, if your first mob re-spawned while your beating on the second, sorry, but I found my new spot. And yes, if you take my alts spot by force, my main will come pk if I don't have the time to mess w/ you on that lower toon.
  3. Just kinda annoying, more then several times now, the emp buffs pots count down and I can watch the toon die waiting for the pot to be taken. No buffs, toon dies, very annoying. Once in a while is w/e, but I'm talkin a dozen + times now.
  4. Honestly, how long do people have to wait to have something that simple fixed? dirty
  5. Last I knew, transfers have to be done manually by staff, reading that response, it appears support has no idea what they are talking about once again.
  6. Degus

    Yul setup

    @Slycutter what is the "attackstand" and "useskillstand" part? never seen this before.
  7. Doesn't happen all that often, but 3 clients all dc last night for no good reason. USA
  8. Interesting, reading that from GM, I am realizing I'm also having issues. Bouncing around the screen is common to me. I thought it was my pc but now I'm thinking I'm losing packets if he's telling me that's why I bounce around. I'll look into that. On a different note, you realize your Ferrari pc is just complete overkill for L2 and isn't helping you 1 bit.
  9. 6% damage is not 6% patk, he's right, it's prob a bad translation, i dont have 1, cant test
  10. Not taking a side here, but it seems something is happening to a large group of people from a particular area at that particular time, but if it's not happening to the majority of people, I'm not sure you can be convinced it is the problem of nc. Your connection needs to get from point A to point B, you, or they, can't control how it gets there.
  11. next he'll ask for compensation, GM buffs!!!!!
  12. It's very rude actually, knowing some1 could lose a ton of money by not sharing you simple knowledge, come on man. You know damn well, if he wants Int, he most likely will NOT get Int. This is your second post trying to maliciously hurt a new player by giving horrible "advice." There's enough tough lessons to learn in this game, you don't need to make it worse.
  13. no, only 1 mentor at a time, you get no penalty if you drop him/her dump that bum
  14. I ran a +9 element artifact until I was able to break the element defense threshold of the mobs I was fighting w/o it, then swapped it out for a crit damage 1. imo, all that +++ crit damage boost means nothing if you aren't breaking their resists. There is a link here somewhere of the different mobs in different areas and their element resist, little search ya should find it easily.
  15. WAIT, don't blame the players for being smart enough to take advantage of the horrible game design, before the chests went life, GM's were warned this would happen, and sure as chit, it did.
  16. every now and then you'll see a +2 cloak on Chronos w/ 2 augments for sale, hope that answer's your question
  17. Just go back and re-read your ramblings. The server that is going great for many, dude, those many don't matter! My mentee's are running great too, and they will be deleted like all the other toons that AREN'T complaining. Look up the definition of troll, I didn't award you that, you earned it. Ask anyone who has suffered from the crazy dc's going on if they care 1 ounce YOU haven't dc'd, and YOU think the server is running better then it has in 6 months. You look like a weak individual that only cares for himself and just accept and put up through life, the whiners/complainers a
  18. @Juji why are you making it sound like it's such an amazing "reward" that you can't even pop in weekly, randomly, and give it? Scheduled, how cheap are you guys, really? I personally don't care about the buff, if I'm on I'll take it, not gonna set a timer though. But to be hyping it up like we all opened a chest and got a dragon weapon, to me shows how disconnected you are.
  19. Very good post! I think most educated people crying are about the way the the boxes CAN be farmed, I too appreciated the new jewels hitting the open market, much cheaper then they were, also never saw 1 chest, killed 1 while sleeping but even after restart I tried a few times to run around but if you see camera's, you're too late. I 100% agree these timeD "events" are dumb, I missed out on this artifact event and now have to wait another 6 months? My quarterly bonus comes in this friday and they have been removed from store, maybe not a lot, but 100% lost revenue = BAD BUSINESS MODEL.
  20. I understand your frustration, but you don't fall into the compensation category.
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