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  1. I am saving adena for a D grade bow,the drops from bots on ruins of agony gives nice adena. Btw thanks for the reply
  2. Ok,when i created the kamael,i do not tought that male kamaels can be warders. So i selected the warder as lvl 20 first class change. With that,the questions are others: Where to get a bow? The quest reward gives me dual swords but not a bow. Second,is a good idea to start as a kamael soul ranger from 0? Less questions but hope you can answer me.
  3. Hi,my nick name in game is Ximenetto and i will play a Kamael Berserker on Giran server (altough i played a Paladin on the old C4 back in 2006 in a illegal server). I have few questions. First,the kamael berseker uses light armor? I do not remember what uses the kamael race. Second,i will get the skill change weapon to ancient sword? Third,is a good idea to start from 0 as a Kamael Berserker? That is all,hopefully you can answer me soon.
  4. Hi,i am a new player in L2 Classic (altough i player the old Lineage 2 in C4 in a illegal server with a Paladin). I am now lvl 22 human knight towards Dark Avenger and i want to know few things. First,the Dark Avenger is a tank,one reddit forum guy says that tanks hit "good" in L2 classic,so the question is: with drain skills and those "great" hits i can level solo and right? Second,the second class change,i need to do the 3 quests for change the class as the old Lineage 2? If so,which ones for change from human knight to Dark Avenger? Third,how to get adena fast and get weapons and armor? The rewards at lvl 15 gives you dual sword and the quest D grade armor,but human knights uses one handed weapon and shield,but no quests gives that. So i must buy on shop,but cost a lot. That is all,hopefully you can resolve me those doubts.
  5. I am new Palus Knight,my intention is to change the second class change to bladedancer. I have few questions about that class (the bladedancer) First,cus is a buffer,people seeks them in partyes? Second,is a good idea to start as a bladedancer? I am new to l2 classic. Third,where to get dual swords once i reach level 40? Or at least how to craft them? That is all. Thanks.
  6. Hi,i am new to the classic lineage 2 (though i played old lineage 2 back in C4 with a paladin) and i am playing a palus knight towards bladedancer. I am searching for a clan cus playing solo is boring,also i like partyes. If anyone want to recruit me,pm to Ximinetto,i can not talk cus i am lvl 23 only. Thanks.
  7. Btw i will play a bladedancer,for 4 reasons: have drain skill,have heavy armor,have buffs and is a semi tank with ultimate defense. If you can tell me what you will do once i contact you in game wonna be wonderful.
  8. You can not help me here? What you will do once i contact you in game?
  9. I come back NA servers after 3 years offline. Now everything has changed,in less than 1 hour we can get to 85. To the topic. EU servers will have the update of 11 of December of 2019,this means free buff at any lvl and free r99 set permanent. My question is: this update is true? Also,if that is true,when is coming that update on NA servers? Btw i am leveling an iss hierophant because on another forum,people say this will take long to reach NA servers,so i level up an iss. Also if that update comes on NA servers,this does not turn isses useless? Free buffs at any lvl means isses obsolet. But people on another forum says they will get a buff on power skills,so they will turn a pocket dds self buffing. Is that true? Hope you can resolve me those doubts. Thanks.
  10. Using hp steal skills are a mana burn bar on my human wizard. So i guess i continue playing my elven oracle. Do not erase this thread please,i still want answers.
  11. Ignore this thread,moderators can erase it. I am playing an human wizard (actually level 20) towards necromancer.
  12. One more final question,. A guy on reddit says that I will get free buffs in towns but I do not see the npc who provide them,so?
  13. Hi,my nick name is Ximinet and i play on Giran server. I start with an elven mystic, my first class change is to oracle. ATM I am killing undeads on ruins of agony but...with the starting weapon, so I need 4 hits with the disrupt undead skill in order to kill one skeleton, also plenty of bots around,so is hard to kill anything. To the topic. I learned two skills with spell books, concentration and resurrection. It cost me around 15k both. Now I only have left 9k. The questions are few. First how to get adena quick and much? Later, how to join a clan via clan entry? I see public clans but not any of them I can join,cus every time I push the join button, it rejects. More also i plan to play an Elven Elder main. They are good for buffing/healing? People seeks for them in partyes (Elven Elders)? Finally,there are not more quests since lvl 22? Also how to get d grade stuff, for example magic weapon? The quest gives me free d grade robes but not weapon, so? Hope you can help me. Thanks.