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  1. If i continue playing to classic is because nostalgy of old lineage 2 and because i believe old lineage 2 is better than GoD.
  2. My cleric should be a bishop,i decided this cause one guy in game gived me mage equipment,also,the necklace i have and the thing of be a holy warrior,is what i am looking for. The paladin class was my first character i ever made in L2 back in C4,after quit due some weirdos kiddos who do not want to play right or always bitching around,i go and return from lineage 2 in different times,i like the game,but there are always some weirdos who do not like to play right and fair. That is why i created another post about that,people only want to play solo in a MMORPG,which is weird. MMORPGs are suppose
  3. My cleric have C grade heavy armor,top grade A two handed blunt weapon,the valakas necklace and jewels C,i can hit in close quarters physically,i do not need vampiric rage cause i can heal my self and i have hp regen buff. The thread is about who i can take more profit from those 2 characters,you,and some other people here,says that scavengers are not as they used to be,is the second time someone says that scavengers are not as they used to be,so i go with the cleric,because you already gived the answer i want. /endofthethread
  4. That final 3 points on that phrase annoys me. What do you mean with that final 3 points? My main account is Ximinett,who have VIP 6. And shillien oracle is a must,i know already if i go fighter,but i will lose the valakas necklace,sadly,if i go to my main account. I already tryed to transfer via support but they can not do anything cause is untradeable. Also,Vampiric rage is only a must if you play a fighter like the scavenger,but for a prophet,i do not need vampiric rage,i have heal,and hp regen buff. I tell who is better from those 2 characters for level up solo,and your suggestion
  5. I mean,is not better a buffer with self buffs,heavy armor and a physical weapon for leveling than a fighter without buffs? Because i have the bounty hunter for make quick cash in higher levels,but leveling without buffs gonna be a hell. I can go with potions,but i know that buffs is a basic thing for leveling. So is not a better idea to level up my cleric,who gonna be prophet,and leave the scavenger "waiting at second place"? Or i can go with the bounty hunter with potions all the time,and spend my adena all the time in potions? With the potion mastery,is better at level 40,and the bounty
  6. My dwarf with the necklace. My human mystic with the necklace too. I tell the last day,about my dwarf having 700 event coins by surprise in this account. I thought is only gived in one character,so i try to erase my human mystic who is in my account too. But i tryed luck and stop erasing my human mystic,get into the personal wharehouse and get 700 event coins either with my human mystic. So now i have two characters with the necklace. But i will erase the human mystic again who is a cleric towards prophet,cause my main is the scavenger who is now level 37. I will reg
  7. I stopped playing the classic servers,is not worth my time and my money,plenty of bots,people only want adena,and plenty of weirdos kiddos around makes the game for people like me being not worth. So i come to GoD servers,at least i can solo and level up quicker,and about weirdos kiddos under 25 years old,internet will never save itself from this crap. Now the question is,i maked a Tyrr Dreadnought,i always liked warlords,right now i am level 96 and with the event,i will get level 99 in no time. What i want to know is: tyrr dreadnoughts are good in sieges? I mean,the AoE is good for
  8. Who cares? I already traded it,so this thread is now obsolete for me.
  9. I already have a spoiler hahaa and no,i do not know all already,that is why this thread. And spoilers are not crafters,craft are for warsmiths,bounty hunters take rare items from NPCs,i question about that in higher levels,read right. And stop stalking me,the last 15 minutes i get answers only from you,have a problem with me?
  10. If they do not want then i stop trying to trade,my friend,but when i get always a NO answer,is irritating. I do not complain about people do not want my things,but EVERYONE do not want it. My pendant tryed to trade to people about 15 times and 14 are NO. Btw trans are still men,do not play this game with me because i have enough of that.
  11. I already told you,in Spain. And depends what i need,i trade or sell,if it is in good conditions. Trade means that,trade,is an object for object,if i want to sell something,then is not a trade,is a selling. The game have two functions,SELL in private store and TRADE direct on the player. Sell and trade are different things. Also,before you comment again,they are selling yes,but i say them to trade if they want,sometimes i get what i want,but is 2/10 times.
  12. Anyway,i already traded the pendant for a top grade A two handed blunt for my dwarf. So i guess i stop commenting there.
  13. There are some people,including me,who traded things,like some birds in a birds selling areas. When i say birds i say the aerial animals. And there are people who do that,you have a thing i want and i have a thing you want,wanna trade? Yes? Do the trade. Is easy. But seems that this game works different from real life i guess. Here are plenty of kids under 25 years old who do not understand that.
  14. Is funny you say this,i see crafters on giran server on giran city,few but they are. Also i been seen some dwarfs with "spoilthis spoilthat" nicknames,so yes there are spoilers out there. If they are useless,why there are still few outta there?
  15. Well,the Game shop on Spain,changes old consoles for new ones with a small fee. Eat that. And the item i trade is a dragon pendant. Of course,i do not aim with a pistol to them,but i try to explain my stuff value and still do not want them.
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