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  1. More things, hunting zones, quests to do to Exalted ppl please, im lv.106. Any info about when returning back the Faction System with Rune Stones parts as rewards in quests to improve our skills? Thanks to read

    Hello everyone, Has anyone noticed that THE SIGILS in characters like tyrrs duelists and hierophants and maybe another characters are rotated? twisted? in a bad position? Or even too high of the hand? ... on healers and feohs it looks good, but on Tyrr Duelists and ISS Hierophants it looks taped ... Example: https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/263/Y00l2L.jpg
  3. MP regeneration problems

    Hi, i discovered if you are in a party, for example, 5 characters, and one of those chanche to dualclass, the MP regeneration issue apear, even if these character return to main class. in conclusion in my case, and works allways to me, if anyone in the party change to dualclass and them returning back to main, i dissolve the party and make it again, the issue dissapear.
  4. quest in red libra?

    Hi Juji, is planing to put more quests in the future? in Red Libra past the quests was really funny and interesting to do. And i remember you said time ago, the faction system with quests will coming back.. any idea about that ? .. and talking about quest, today the only quests to do are Exalted quests... any idea if more quests are planing to add in the future? quests with simple rewards for example, scrolls to go to the zones, parts of any item to crafts or trade, in the last faction system there was a reward 1/10 part of a rune stone, was really funny and motivating make these kind of quests... in conclusion more quests to do allways are funny and motivating. Ty
  5. Another thing: THE SYNCRONIZE CAMERA IN AUTO-HUNTING IS AMAZING" 2 suggest here: MORE ZOOM-OUT please !! SYNCRO CAMERA TO THE TOONS TO FOLLOW THE TARGET TOO ! Thanks again, I will look forward to the changes in the hunting areas of the next week with enthusiasm
  6. Hi NC, i m an Exalted Lv.106, aprox. 15% of the level, the quest i am doing is "Exalted, Guide to Power" that needs to "reach level 107" to finish it. i will finish soon and then i have no more to do until reach Lv.107 with my 85% xp left... First time in my exalted path that i pass to something like this, i think is something wrong here. I buy 400 Ncoins by month, i can´t buy more that, i need more help in hunting zones for my level. I m a player that loves L2 from always, i am not abandon the game, i like the upgrades and the events, but the way to continue from Lv.105 to 107 is extremly hard. The way from 85 to 105 is nice and funny, i like Blazzing Swamp and War-Torn, i have a lot of toons and is funny to play with everythem.. I fell like the way to progress from 85 to 105 is nice, fun and easy to carry out. one of the hunting zones that help to do this, is Abandoned Coal Mines, amazing and funny timed hunting zone. BUT.. from Lv.106... it´s no timed hunting zone to do, Storm Isle is really hard, Primeval too... the generals field hunting zones it´s the same.. from war-torn/blazzing Swamp to Beleth / Phantasmal ridge i think that is necesary to be more progressive in the difficulty. i think that is necesary a timed hunting zone like Coal Mines in the Lv.106-107 In summary, I believe that an exalted player with little spending on real money who really loves the game can survive that abrupt change that occurs when reaching 106 and seeing that he/she has no areas to go to play practically ... BAYLOR IMPOSSIBLE STORM ISLE / PRIMEVAL IMPOSSIBLE BELETH / PHANTASMAL too hard compared to Blazzing / War-torn There should be better areas for these levels. TY FOR READ, sorry for my English and remember, i speak like a customer that spend 5 u$s for month and not always, only when i can, i know i am not the better customer but thounsands like me always help ;-)
  7. In the Shortcut's UI add a buttom to stop all Automaticallys Skills. Like in the Towns TY
  8. MP Regeneration In Hunting Zones

    i discover something new in this issue recently. when anyone in the party change to DualClass, and them back to Main, the MP regeneration start to fail. To solve this, i disolve the entire party and remake the party again. The issue is solved.. in conclussion, the bug occur when something in the party change to dualclass and if it come back to mainclass, the issue persist.
  9. Armor Appearance Stone

    Hi, question, when use the restoration appearance of an armor, the Appearance Stone is returning back to the Inventory? or i ll lost the Stone?... TY
  10. HI, WHEN IMPROVE THE SAYHA SEERs CLASS ? impossible to play with them Lv.102 > Shunaiman Retributer > Exalted Robe > War Torn = Impossible it is planned to improve them in the future? Thanks
  11. FREE EVENT PLEASE !! anyone knows when the FACTIONS SYSTEM will returning back ? TY
  12. Free event please! Quarantine in my country is a shi$%
  13. MP regeneration in Hunting zones

    imagine 10 hours without any changes, killing the mobs always in the same speed, no changes in the party, nobody going to town, none changes in nothing.. hours and hours in perfect mp regeneration... but in a moment, mp regen goes to 0.00... a few hours later,... mp regen back to normal.. believe me i think something is wrong with mp regen... i don t know, i think there is a bug here that affect sometimes