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  1. When Female characters with leviathan robes is standing, the cloak shows under the dress.
  2. I agree with that, hunting grounds like , tannor cannyon, field of silence, silent valley, more spots, expand the areas or put more areas similar to these.
  3. We can start a new post to share event luck rates, to help among players. For me is expensive too. I don t decide if i ll do or not. I ve only trade one prophecy piece and i ve get a buff, to expensive for me but if the rate for armor/weapons or good stuffs are good maybe i ll try more trades.
  4. More areas like Tannor and field of silence and silent valley. Hard to find place to play there
  5. i still cannot find it jajaja, in the link "here" only shows figure fighters event but no "0 adena winters supply"
  6. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and the rest of the team
  7. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays for the team, thanks for the actual event, nice to level up
  8. You are right, but i said GM buffs throught NPCs
  9. Somekind of a gift for everyone loged in the friday, a Santa Npc will be very nice and funny too! Firecrackers for everyone too, maybe some kind of an event in Fantasy Isle, GM buffs with NPCs.. i don t know, a reason to log an stay in town or Fantasy with Santa's costumes in the both next fridays.
  10. Hi, how it works party hunting bonus ? 2 in party it s ok ? ... 3 ?.... 7 ??? Ty
  11. hi, these HEWRS aren´t tradeable, or i miss something =X
  12. Kale

    Othell Half-Kill

    sorry for make a question in this topic but i see any daggers with knowledge here, i have a dagger toon with "Grim Reaper Possession Lv.2", the skill says, "increase your Crit.Dmg. by 100% for 4 seconds" ... i used this skill thousands of times and never see more than 1 o 2 seconds... a debuff in the Mob..." if this skill bugged ? or is a simple piece of shit that consumes soulstones for nothing..?? TY
  13. Agree, and is the most stupid macro that we have =P would be better if NC put a pedestal/platform like Auctioner or an scenario with the 3 NPCs stand there. No macros, no /target...
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