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  1. hi, anyone play L2 with this machine ? Ryzen 3 3200G Vega 8, NO VIDEO CARD, RAM 8 Gigas, 3200 MHZ. THANKS, i m about to buy it
  2. In the L2Store you can buy one Halloween Supply Box per Day for Free
  3. same issue, now more harder than two or three weeks ago, but only with my melee chars, maybe melee lag attacks.. but really big difference in the power of mobs, it s looks like more harder now.
  4. same question, how it works the party bonus ? 2 characters ? 3? 5? 7? and where i can see if the bonus is apply ? Ty
  5. Hi, a question: An Enchanted Exalted Dualswords P.Atk 1014 When equiped, PvE Damage +10%, Max HP +15%, Atk. Spd. +15%, P.atk Critical Damage +5%, P.atk Cri Rate +100, Holy lv. 7 A Base Krishna Dualswords P.Atk 984 is really necesary change to Krishna ? is the regular souls crystals + special crystal + encahnting +4 on Krishna makes the difference ? which dualswords weapon do you recomend me to evolve? TY
  6. 1 slot day by day and full slots every wednesday even if you are in a hunting zone time to replenishing > 6.30 am. server time if you stay in a peaceful zone, vp is replenishing slowly way all the time
  7. Hi, question, anyone notes a lower damage in the last 2 days ? i feel that Clava 105 instance is more hard now. i ve check it with 4 diferents melee characters and same result. More hard than before the last maintainance. same way in beleth / phantasmal ridge it could be by the melee attack lag? maybe because the server now is Heavy ? TY
  8. More things, hunting zones, quests to do to Exalted ppl please, im lv.106. Any info about when returning back the Faction System with Rune Stones parts as rewards in quests to improve our skills? Thanks to read
  9. Hello everyone, Has anyone noticed that THE SIGILS in characters like tyrrs duelists and hierophants and maybe another characters are rotated? twisted? in a bad position? Or even too high of the hand? ... on healers and feohs it looks good, but on Tyrr Duelists and ISS Hierophants it looks taped ... Example: https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/263/Y00l2L.jpg
  10. Hi, i discovered if you are in a party, for example, 5 characters, and one of those chanche to dualclass, the MP regeneration issue apear, even if these character return to main class. in conclusion in my case, and works allways to me, if anyone in the party change to dualclass and them returning back to main, i dissolve the party and make it again, the issue dissapear.
  11. Hi Juji, is planing to put more quests in the future? in Red Libra past the quests was really funny and interesting to do. And i remember you said time ago, the faction system with quests will coming back.. any idea about that ? .. and talking about quest, today the only quests to do are Exalted quests... any idea if more quests are planing to add in the future? quests with simple rewards for example, scrolls to go to the zones, parts of any item to crafts or trade, in the last faction system there was a reward 1/10 part of a rune stone, was really funny and motivating make these kind of quest
  12. Another thing: THE SYNCRONIZE CAMERA IN AUTO-HUNTING IS AMAZING" 2 suggest here: MORE ZOOM-OUT please !! SYNCRO CAMERA TO THE TOONS TO FOLLOW THE TARGET TOO ! Thanks again, I will look forward to the changes in the hunting areas of the next week with enthusiasm
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