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  1. Prophesied = Toma?

    I mean, he's even harder to find. Maybe it's just Toma, all grown up. Has anybody ever seen him/her? And has anybody ever finished the Path of Fate: Conviction quest for the 3rd class transfer of a fighter class?
  2. Can I play Live at the same time as Classic?

    My apologies, I had just seen what you are telling me, about 10 minutes ago. It's just arranged a little differently than before, is all. IF anybody comes across this in search of the same info, I think I saw it in the upper right side of the screen. Trying an an Orc fighter on Live.
  3. Can I play Live at the same time as Classic?

    Eh, I will explain, as best I can. Back around 2006 or so, in Chronicle 3, you could play on many servers, from a single login. So, I created my first character on some server whose name I've long since forgotten. With the same login, I created my second character on the Seighardt server. (FYI, I ended up staying on the Seighardt server; I never touched that first character again.) and, as I already mentioned, there was no Live versus Classic back then - that was about 2 years after the game first came out. So, it was a bit different when I got the idea to try out the new Live side f the game, and see if I like the newer way. I will probably create a second login, and give the newer Live side of the game a look. One thing I can say for the Classic game, the multiple races and their significant differences was something I really liked. There was plenty to not like, but to this day, I've not seen so that in any other game, as least not to the extent I saw in the original Lineage 2. And boy, for PVE, could you get a really strong party from all those differences.
  4. Can I play Live at the same time as Classic?

    Well, I'm not quite sure whether to say "thanks", or not. And, I know about boxing, kept both a SE and a Warcryer back when. As far as 1 email = 1 session, it *looked* obvious. But this is such a big change from around 10 years ago, I just had to ask. Back then , of course there was no line and classic. But you were otherwise free to pick whatever server you wanted when you logged in (although your characters did have to generally say on the server they were created. This one thing about logins I consider to be a pretty big change from back then. Also, to have boxed characters, you did have to have separate logins back then also.
  5. If this is possible, I'm not seeing how. Having logged in to Classic and chosen the Talking Island server. it looks like that's all I can ever get to, at least with the email I used to create my account. FYI, I played this game for a few years, from like part of C3 up through maybe 2009 or so. I wanted to check it, see if I wanted to come back, and I would like to check out both Classic and Live.