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  1. Aden tour ends tomorrow????

    The PVE bonus has been really helpful for both climbing Baium's tower for more exp/rewards and for general exp so we can get to level 80 for the imprinted Baium Talisman. Please, I beg you to keep the two events going until 5/27. It will be demoralizing to us below level 80.... Why do that? Kind Regards.
  2. Adena Drop after the 75+ lvl boost ends

    I farm a small room in disciples, No SS, no Cov DA (panther) Arcana lord (king kat) Maestro (with golem SK (lightning shock makes this possible) BD SWS EE (recharge on SK) bishop (balance life/body of avatar/ on a loop) Doomcryer (all buffs but CoV) This is by far from an ideal group and shots aren't even needed. Make sure the small room has no line of site to any other room and put all your dd's on auto hunt short range. Profit = 9 mil a day. It's not great but if i keep it up it's likely 250 mil a month.
  3. Nine 78 toons now what?

    Finally got a full party level 78 that can hunt any elemental area and necrop (besides the boss necros/catas). If I go anywhere else (catas like devotion) and manage to find a room, within 1-2 hours the bot group has respawned or res'd and killed me. Can anyone reccomend a hunting gorund that actually has room for a macro party and drops adena? Primitive Isle any good? Or the hunting grounds outside Goddard? I spent all this time and I'm having a hard time believing there's really nothing to do at this stage in the game.
  4. Ximi, Warders can be male or female now. There is no longer a character skill to change a weapon to a kamael weapon, they just come that way in game (crafting or drops). Unfortunately every class gets dual 15 day swords. You'll either have to save adena and buy a bow or pay $10.00 in the l2 store to get your choice of temporary bows. If you buy 800 NC coin I'd highly suggest you buy a starter pack for 80 NC coin (buying this first will get you to VIP 1), then spend 400 coin and a high grade starter pack. The normal starter pack gives you a lot of buffs and a coupon for a 15 day mid C weapon of your choice. The high grade starter pack gives you 2 coupons that can be exchanged for a 30 day +10 B grade weapon of your choice. Disregard the wording of the B grade coupons, you do NOT need to be level 52 or 54 to use the coupon! Good luck, the kamael archers are actually awesome for leveling. Set a macro to /attack and use twin shot then use soul gathering. When 100 souls are gathered and the character is transformed all damage you do replenishes your mana. They changed the classes quite a bit. Skills for Kamael are fewer and further between but the 30 second shine side transform is Killer. Good luck!