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  1. I think i will go with dark avenger at the end,i do not want to pass for the same again,if i go pvp versus a j e r k,i must make him to respect me. From the 4 tanks,the dark avenger is the best for what i am looking. And of course i can still tank. But please,do team work,is what i expect on this game. I must deal with toxic people and bots,that is what i must expect when return to play lineage 2. Sadly i must learn this if i must play relaxed. Sorry for this post,but i was pissed off few moments ago.
  2. The l2 community is toxic,is pay to win,people is individual playing in a MMORPG and there are full of bots. Why i must continue playing this game? I like it but sadly i have not reasons to play it. Noone want to do partyes with team work,there are bots,people with God equipment and pk you. Nc Soft warn people for say the truth. And not only Nc Soft,all internet. I play solo only because nostalgy and having fun with partys and other people,but l2 communtiy goes toxic since the day 1 i started to play in a illegal server. There was always toxic,the only thing i thank in C4 is the teamwork,
  3. Also i have more questions,is the divine blessing from paladin,auto heal? I mean i need to target my self to use the heal or i can target the enemy and push the skil button for auto heal and not heal the npc instead??? This will help me a lot to decide which char to play,in this illegal server i must target me first to use the heal on me,losing much time in a fight. Btw the drain health will return back health points same as the divine blessing?? Or are less health points?? That is i wanted to know. And i do not want to select a wrong tank in the actual situation of the game,
  4. The fact is you do not answer the question i wanted,you say about situations and attitude of both tanks in general,but not how are the drain health and divine blessing situation right now,the two main heal skills of both tanks. I wanted to know,if at lvl 40 the drain health can take a lot of hp from enemyes or is a thing to forget. Right now,i get more hp back with divine heal than drain health,that is why this thread. I already tryed the paladin,but that was ages ago. I always liked the role of a holy knight,but the people do not want to know anything about teamwork,so before think about
  5. I thought sacrifice have no cooldown also take some of your health,still if you use on yourself,it take a bit of health more than you restore. If the things have not changed,that is how it was in C4. Now i have no idea how paladins work. With my paladin in C4 i have divine blessing,this skill restore some hp and have cast time,maybe you confuse skills. The stun is the same for both tanks,and yes,they gain time for hit the target if the target is stunned,but cost a lot of mp,at least is what i am experiencing right now. I play solo,no buffers,no warcryers,only my character and my skil
  6. I am human knight lvl 27 (i can get a spot on abandoned camp with luck) i noticed that divine heal is quicker cast than drain health. Also the heal recovers you more health poiints,the drain health much less. Is the paladin the way to go right now??? Let me explain,i played a paladin in old C4 in a illegal server,the role of sacred knight is the thing i always liked,however for pvp was a wrong class,at least at 1 vs 1 vs a dark avenger. So,i am thinking seriously to play a dark avenger,not only for tank in partyes,but for defend me in pvp. The thing is,that i read that drain hea
  7. Is impossible to questing due the holy bots. I have quests in abandoned camp and i can not do them cus the holy bots take everything,both night and day. I am playing at night cus i thought i can quest with 0 problems but neither in that way i can due the bots. They are on night too. Any idea? I have to kill 300 gnolls,i have luck if i can kill 1 due i play an human knight,so p atk is not my strong point.
  8. I sell them for money. But i wait to the next event.
  9. I plan to get quick cash with the heroic chests,but i have not money for buy those chests till day 25 of this month. However the event will end at day 23. My question is to the NcSoft team,there will be a plan to put another similar event where i can buy items like the heroic chests from Nc Shop???? Or if anyone have some info about the close future event,i thank if you tell me this info. @Juji can you tell me please?
  10. I have quests to do in abandoned camp,but no spot is free. Every spot,is occupied by elven summoners who use magic attacks while the summon recharges his MP. One played in game says that there is 0 pvp in Giran server,or a rare case. I say that now cause i will kill with satisfaction those bots,but that player who is a bishop says that if you kill a bot,someone of higher level appear and pk you. And the pk points is a risk of drop. He also says that creating a dark avenger (my favorite class right now) is a waste of time cus is a pvp oriented class. I am ok with that,cause if someone want
  11. Sorry bro,i unblock you. I thought you are another user of this forum. I say bladedancer cus have drain and buffs,just like warcryer. But as i stated before i prefer humans as main race. Since dark avengers are humans and they are OP (at least of what i remember) i think about create one,right now i have all my slots with different characters,trying classes i was not tryed before,i only played paladin in C4 and few other classes in illegal servers,but that was long time ago.
  12. No thanks. If i am ok with any class,then i also start to think to continue playing my human warrior towards warlord. I read that warlords are good for sieges,just like the paladins. That is what it was in C4,now i have no idea but i think the system continues as it was. Also,i have not my duals anymore. I say BD to take a buffer,just like the warcryer. But since you say to play whatever i want (and the guy above) i will play,of course,whatever i want. Also,if i remember right,you recommend me other things in another post...sorry,i will put you on ignore list. See ya.
  13. So i can play the dark avenger with 0 problems? I think that for reach 80 it will take a lot of time,and on this time i think i will find people to play with. If i must not worry about the class then i will start a new dark avenger toon tomorrow.
  14. If none of those two classes ,dark avenger or warcryer are good for solo,then tell me a class who is good for solo. Because i will play mostly content solo.
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