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  1. Let him play in this fully automated server fabrik of adena. Because is that, a fabrik of automaters of adena,gold sellers are another part of this fabrik. As the guy said,legit players have nothing to do,and only the 4 weirdos spending tons of in real life gold pay for get the best equipment,but i do not understand those players,this is suppossedly a MMORPG where players around the world play,but they prefer to play a closed group within them,later they like to discuss who have the pe*is larger and who cryes about a lose of a castle. Is annoying AF. I hope those players have life outside the game,but i also hope that they do not slap their faces between them in real life cus game relating things. But now i remember the player DVP in old Lineage 2 server Teon that have killed a player in real life cus he lose a fight,or that is the tale they say. More also,pirate server L2Extreme was closed by FBI of America due unknown reasons. I do not know you but this is a dark game,where you do not know what play at the other side of computer,but after see those facts,i will play another games. I do not want to get involved in whatever group of mafia this game have. Who tell me that the players from L2Extreme do not have been transfered to the official server? That was in 2006 but since then,i was started to play lineage 2 and i never had success to make friends cus the people who play are toxic AF. And i always asked,what i did to them for have such toxicity versus me? I always been known for say the truth,been banned from Tera Ps4 for that,so i guess i am confronting a mafia or whatever is. Just see what happen around the world,more also,my country,Catalonia. Political prisoners just for say what they think,there is expression liberty but not at the end. All is corrupted,and if the things continue like this,i pray for God for have a decent future. Sorry i am passed from an online game to politics,but all is a chain where bosses order things. I personally do not see that player DVP killed another in real life,but that is what the rumors said in 2006. And you know,when the river sounds... Well GL playing this mafia game. They enjoy taking your money from credit card,cus this game is pay to win. Bye.
  2. I will try. Cus the quest is still on. I dunno why support say this quest is erased and the game says still on. Very annoying.
  3. I was started playing classic in Giran server at the start of December 2019,i was stopped playing classic in Giran server in mid of the month of December 2019,why? Simple: BOTS,usually elven wizards. It is ok if you like to level up an elven wizard,but it is not ok if those elven wizards multiply themselves for 20 cus they occupy ALL THE ENTIRE ZONE MAP. I am lvl 41 human warlock,i solo much,but i must stop playing on classic due bots and the lack of free npcs to kill due those bots. First i was having problems to kill in the first party zone,ruins fo despair,later in gorgon flower garden,and continued till now,so this is an endless nightmare,no npcs free to kill cus elven wizards with their ponyes take all the npcs,usually in groups of 4 or 5 people. Also,gold sellers,i must block some goldsellers on chat,cus when i tought i had an offer for my selling equipment via mail,it is a cursed gold seller making his services. Hopefully in Lineage 2 Remaster those things will not happen or...well i wont pay anymore of my money on a game fully of bots and gold sellers. Lineage 2 classic for free was a good move but,it is a good move for bots too. Sad.
  4. I know is a daily quest,but i kill the npcs of that daily quest and the quest does not advance,i need to kill 100 of Nos Lads,well i kill them and does not count. That is why i say it is bugged. However,i contact support and they say that after the update of the shadow of the kamael,some quests are erased,this is one of them.
  5. Warlock help.

    Lacerator versus another A grade two handed staff that i do not remember the name. Lacerator 156 m.atk,the two handed staff 154 m.atk or so. Still if the staff is under tier,the rapier gives decent m.atk,so my choice is the rapier.

    PM or MAIL TeteDeluxe (yes,with the final "e") for the zubei leather set for 14kk,a bloody orchid augmented for 15kk,a fire dragon pendant lvl 2 for 7,5kk and an earth pendant lvl 2 for 7,5kk. -Zubei Leather Set - 14kk -Augmented Bloody Orchid - 15kk -Fire or Earth Pendant lvl 2 both for 7,5kk each.
  7. It says to kill 100 Nos in alligator island. But i kill them and the quest does not advance. It is bugged?
  8. Warlock help.

    Well,i already created an human wizard towards warlock,i am level 33 currently. I do not start over again -_-u About the rapiers,check both weapons at same tier. Rapiers have a bit more m.atk than a two handed staff. I know already cus i have a rapier. And the leveling solo,i sometimes get CP,but people go work and in meantime i want to solo.
  9. Warlock help.

    Everybody say the same,if you want to solo and do not want to do a box,level up a summoner. And that is what i am doing. But i need to resolve some doubts: 1-Why no mastery to light armor under 40 level? I have blue wolf light set and my casting speed is low,still with the blue wolf light set stats. 2-Why EVERYONE elf summoners? I do not like elfs,however i find useful their spells,but i created an human summoner. What is the difference? 3-Why a rapier gives more m.atk than a two handed staff? I find more useful using a rapier than using a staff,also i can equip a shield. 4-Finally are summoners good in pvp? I know they are the kings in pve (like goddess of destruction wynns) but i do not know if they are equally good in pvp. That is all,hope anyone can help. Thanks.

    Ok,the augmented rapier grade A and the blue wolf leather set are in stock again. Augmented Rapier grade A that gives M.Def - 45kk Blue wolf leather set - 17,5kk (avadon shield optional - 3kk more) Black ore necklade - 1,5kk Earth dragon pendant lvl 2 - 7,5kk I was using the blue wolf leather set and the augmented rapier grade A on my kamael soul finder,but i am playing an elf dagger now (still if they are bad in pvp,i do not care,i like the class and i have a CP) so,for a side note,if you are a kamael soul finder and plan to have good M.Def,the blue wolf leather set and the augmented rapier grade A that gives M.Def,is a good choice. Btw,if you only want one of those things (the set,the rapier,the necklade or the pendant) PM or MAIL --->TeteLux<--- Thanks.

    Blue wolf leather set and rapier grade A not in stock anymore,instead,i sell zubei leather set for 15kk,bloody orchid grade A dagger for 14kk,a black ore necklade for 1,5kk and an earth dragon pendant lvl 2 for 7,5kk. Pm or mail TeteDelux. ATTENTION: The deals of before,pm or mail TeteDelux (without the final "e")

    No,i changed to a kamael soul finder. Since daggers are bad,i wanted another close range crit dd,also is a mix of dagger and mage.

    New prices: WTS Bloody orchid 14kk. Pm or Mail TeteDeluxe. WTS Blue wolf leather set 17,5kk (avadon shield optional,3kk). Pm or mail TeteDeluxe. WTS Black ore necklade 1,5kk. Pm or mail TeteDeluxe. WTS Earth dragon pendant lvl 2 7,5kk. Pm or mail TeteDeluxe.

    WTT Bloody orchid + 2kk adena for a Soul separator. Pm or mail Tetele. WTS Blue wolf leather set 17,5kk,shield optional 3kk more. Pm or mail Tetele. WTS Augmented lacerator (rapier grade A) 45kk. Pm or mail Tetele.