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  1. I'm playing through Nioh, again, personally. Haven't logged in since the 16th and found that everything is broken and the event is the most pay-to-win of all of the pay-to-win events ever...and not even worth doing since the Red Weapon Tickets are like 1/100 chance from the level 4 and even worse for the level 1 boxes.
  2. Literally anything that isn't in-game or you clicking a button is a 100% ban...supposedly. This even includes the use of a Nostromo or a keyboard extension or even a programmable mouse/keyboard. Technically, even if you have a Razor Naga and you set one of the buttons as /target %party1 > /assist > /fight then that's still a ban even if you're the one pressing the button each time. That said...are they going to ban someone after they've just hemorrhaged like 80% of their playerbase? Probably depends on how much NCoin they've purchased.
  3. Can I ask?

    It's very clear that the devs, gm's, and mods don't actually play this game or they'd already know these changes were a bad idea.
  4. Fishing Coin

    I mean I'm not going to say that most of this whole insane situation could've been avoided if you and @Hime would've just responded to our concerns a week ago in my thread and been pro-active about all of this stuff. I wouldn't say that.
  5. So no macro?

    You missed them all in my thread from 6 days ago.
  6. So no macro?

    And also remind them that this is supposed to be Lineage 2 ****CLASSIC**** and not look like a ridiculous mobile game with the way the new HUD interface is.
  7. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    I thought they specifically said that songs/dances could be auto'd now? So there's no way to do auto-buffs at all? Wasn't that the entire point??
  8. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    I've been playing Nioh for the past two days. Also downloaded Scarlet Blade...a lot more fun than you'd think. Going to try out the new patch tonight when I get home from work and make my decision.
  9. Red Libra in Classic

    They posted the new one but it's still wrong with a few things...case in point: different grade shots are listed.
  10. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    So I didn't have a PC for the past 6 years...so I was playing FF14 on PS4. I had a truly max-level character: Level 60 on all job classes with full Relic Weapon on every one of them and almost top raid gear with materia for every single one of them as well as my own Free Company complete with FC House in Limsa and my own personal Mansion (very first Chocobo Mansion on Lamia server.) I quit FF14 because I went on vacation and refreshed my housing timers (if you don't enter them for 45 days they repossess them) the day I left...11 days later I came back from vacation and one of my houses was repossessed; the mansion. I contacted SquareEnix support and they confirmed that, yes, the house was taken back in error but that they weren't going to do anything about it because someone had already bought it and it wouldn't be fair to that new person. Literally hundreds of millions of gil just poofed out of existence. I quit after that...want to check my toon, check the Lodestone (Verthande Chere.) I'll never go back to FF14 and I *HIGHLY* recommend no one else goes there even if I didn't have this experience as that game is spiraling out of control, too. The reason I'm sharing this is: 1. I cut my teeth on Lineage 2 since Open Beta and then went on to be the top Chanter in the world in Aion (was between me, Facelift, and one other Korean dood that kept taking it.) B- Coming back to Lineage 2 was supposed to be amazing and I still see the sparks of what I used to love in Classic and I've been playing for hours a day every single day since the beginning of November, when I got my new PC. Finally, SquareEnix's GM/customer service was absolutely terrible...some of the worst I've ever experienced and I live under Comcast's boot... ...but at least they responded to their players.
  11. I was the Sieghardt/Sayha Eva's Templar Hero for 14 months. I'm well aware of how things work. Destro has a Guardian Sword and dorf has a top C 2hand with Othell and BD has dama*dama. My damage is still respectable but my party is much more robust than most.
  12. The debuff the dorf puts on mobs is basically a free Hex, too. My current party consists of a TK, SE, Warsmith, WC, BD, Destro, Bishop...also raising a SWS, and Warlock to add to it but they're not high enough, yet. Those 7 auto-ran all night in FotG with no issues and they're only level 60-62.
  13. I mean I run with a Warsmith in my party and they're probably the ones that do the most damage because of the golem. Really hoping that the auto-hunt changes will let us assign auto-buffs to party members and then the Warsmith will be pretty great in a party.