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  1. The one and only priority is on pay-to-win events for the whales. Zero eff's are given about legitimate players who want to actually play the game and Classic is now, basically, the equivalent to a test server for Lineage 2 Mobile. Enjoy!!
  2. I finally built a new computer at the end of October and have been playing Lineage 2 since I turned it on. Almost every single hour of free time was spent playing and when I was at work I had the toons auto-hunting. I was truly enjoying sinking every waking hour into the game for the past two and a half months. I haven't played in two weeks since the 16th. The new HUD being passed off as "Classic" is just disgusting. There's no way for anyone to make any money without botting or RMT'ing. NC only cares about the whales whom spend thousands of dollars every single event to
  3. I know NC. They can't bring the old dev team back because they've all moved on to other companies or projects. You can tell NO ONE involved with NC actually plays this game, I'm including our illustrious GM's and mods too, because otherwise this would've been caught BEFORE it was implemented or at the very least in the 6 full days before they implemented the patch when tons of people came out of the woodwork to tell them this was a bad idea to implement. Honestly, if NC actually cared then they would've delayed the actual update until they figured out how to make the changes t
  4. He didn't actually say they would be implemented back in...he just said that they would "look in to" ways to restore them. I'd say it's a very good bet that they just say, "nope...no possible way to do it." NC Korea has never once implemented something at the request of anyone other than Koreans. Even if we have convinced @Juji to approach the dev team (after more than a week, just pointing out) the dev team and greedy business practices of NC have the final word on everything.
  5. This should have been addressed on the 10th when people started protesting...their inaction cost at least a week and a half's time for everyone and their own ability to get ahead of this situation. Honestly, I'll be amazed if they do anything or even respond, at this point.
  6. How could you even afford Blessed SoulShots before the patch, let alone after?
  7. The people who bot are also the people who spend the most in NCoin...there's no way they're going to ban their paycheck away.
  8. It's very clear that the devs, gm's, and mods don't actually play this game or they'd already know these changes were a bad idea.
  9. I mean I'm not going to say that most of this whole insane situation could've been avoided if you and @Hime would've just responded to our concerns a week ago in my thread and been pro-active about all of this stuff. I wouldn't say that.
  10. You missed them all in my thread from 6 days ago.
  11. And also remind them that this is supposed to be Lineage 2 ****CLASSIC**** and not look like a ridiculous mobile game with the way the new HUD interface is.
  12. I thought they specifically said that songs/dances could be auto'd now? So there's no way to do auto-buffs at all? Wasn't that the entire point??
  13. I've been playing Nioh for the past two days. Also downloaded Scarlet Blade...a lot more fun than you'd think. Going to try out the new patch tonight when I get home from work and make my decision.
  14. They posted the new one but it's still wrong with a few things...case in point: different grade shots are listed.
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