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  1. expand buff slots?

    Is there any way to do this? I dont see the ticket in the l2 store. Is there a way to do this through a quest or anything?
  2. server still not up?

    Just saying, its bad customer service. If I have a delay on a customer order I call them and give a heads up. It would be too much like right to have a rep say " hey something is effed up with the update guys , working on it" Communication is key in any good relationship.
  3. server still not up?

    Glad you posted this, its my day off , raining outside and I just ant to play, thought I was having some kind of connection problem. Whats the deal ncwest?
  4. Just a little vent.

    Is there anyone working support tickets at this hour? @Juji
  5. Almost every time I try to buy ncoin on my one day off a week I get some kind of error code random security blah blah and have to spend a day trying to wait for support and it pisses me off to no end. That is all.
  6. Heartthrob Box - A Grade Wep

    Sadly I have to agree with this 100% from experience. Bought a hundred boxes hoping to turn box loot into adena , Jokes on me because value of things I got (including S grade demon splinter) and 20 cloth are basically trash now due to the value plummeting instantly upon flood of said items and the fact that no one has any adena. =/ Still broke yo.
  7. Looks exactly like blizzard box rewards. While half the server got rich on blizzard boxes I got effed over royally.
  8. I truly hope they just mean quest items like proof of red ect, I Cant see them deleting the home run balls or weapon chests that people spent adena on. If so, I definitely want the several million I spent on the ballz that are currently in my inventory back.
  9. Hey, I have a great idea. Now that materials are nothing more than garbage it would be great if we could actually get something useful with our VIP reward coins, a short list that comes to mind is, 1) Spirit Ore 2) Soul Ore 3) Spirit Shots 4) Soul Shots 5) Escape Scrolls 6) Teleport Tokens Feel free to add to the list of possible rewards that amount to something more than absolute garbage.
  10. All Mats Worth 0 ..

    +1 agree and support.
  11. Can confirm, bishop trying to heal panther with anything other than group heal, only heals itself. Group heal lands.
  12. Store Gift Icon

    Store gift icon wont stop blinking even though I take the daily vip gift. Any clue anyone?
  13. Bring back double xp/sp/money/drops weekends or I have no reason to live kthnx
  14. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    So the only option to get adena is FT or ants nest, but guess what? Try getting in there to farm anything besides the random mob here and there the places are completely over run with bots and zerg clans, adena seller twinks. For the average joe there is no way to get ahead. People have nowhere to go. Maybe add a few different channels so that people have a chance. Also, whoever things a level 20 mob should drop more than a level 50... I mean I cant honestly even believe you had the nerve to say this is right.