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  1. I did the math last night for crystal of dawn at 100% success rate of getting coins and bleeping laughed! Everyone needs 100s of these things to upgrade essential items that EVERYONE needs in the game. Why the hell are they so hard to get? I think y’all are actively trying to make everyone quit.
  2. @Juji @Hime are yall alright? how do you guys let the dev team bleep us more and more every update/maintenance??? once again your bleeping over 90% of the server that needs ios atleast to get any kind of adena in this game??? neutral zone was a great idea but poorly executed when the whales can solo the spot and not the little dudes that actually need it. you can go bleep your selfs. im not spending any more money on this game. im only here to see the server shut down one day. ps @DEVTEAM YOU SUCK
  3. Stop bleeping us @Hime @Juji@whoever the hell else makes these decisions, every now and then you gotta throw a bone to the dogs. Make our l2 lives a little easier and give us the bleep einhasad store.
  4. After this update I fully understand NCSOFT business model for lineage 2. hear me out. Every couple months we get an update and guess what. The mobs are harder to kill and hit harder, now why is that? NCSOFT literally updates the game to MAKE you buy more gear to kill the same mobs… now how do 90% of the people get more gear? They have to buy more ncoin. There fore they make more money off of us dumbasses. we hardly ever get anything in game to make our lives easier in L2. We just get bent over by the man.
  5. this update..... once again made it harder for people below 110 to farm. seems like every "update" makes mobs harder to kill and they kill you faster. I now know why this is. its a ploy to get more people to spend more money on store events to do the same shit they were doing before the update. I can no longer farm pi with out get killed by the damn dinos, also, CRYSTAL OF DAWN do not drop in pi at all. if you got one from there its a bleep UNICORN drop. 90+ days farming pi with 200% drop rune and prestige I have never got one, ever... My ios kill speed has always been slow on dread
  6. honest to god, how do you get NOTHING of value out of 640 chests? come on @Hime @Juji im sure everyone would like to know the chance of getting something decent out of the chests.
  7. if i see one more bleepin moron ask about compensation at this time im gonna lose my damn mind, let these guys worry bout the bleep server that cant opperate correctly. a year from now when its said and fix then ask about the compensation, UNTIL then cancel your prestige and enjoy the view from town
  8. yea, i cant login to chronos either. not even a q... but i can get on naia @Juji @Hime something is definetly messed up.
  9. any chance of the prestige pack ever getting updated? its how many years old now and still the same. @Juji @Hime
  10. @Hime @Juji any way you guys can scale wynn summons to the races? as in smaller for dwarfs and giants for orc males?
  11. are you gonna roll the server files back to a 1.5 years ago when there was no melee lag???
  12. of course they gonna erase posts that make there game look bad to incoming players
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