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  1. greedy chests need to spawn after you kill a mob... only way to keep people from farming them nonstop. just my 2 cents tho
  2. yea, i cant login to chronos either. not even a q... but i can get on naia @Juji @Hime something is definetly messed up.
  3. any chance of the prestige pack ever getting updated? its how many years old now and still the same. @Juji @Hime
  4. @Hime @Juji any way you guys can scale wynn summons to the races? as in smaller for dwarfs and giants for orc males?
  5. are you gonna roll the server files back to a 1.5 years ago when there was no melee lag???
  6. of course they gonna erase posts that make there game look bad to incoming players
  7. ncwest really should offer every one a one time deal to change main to what ever they want. ncwest is never going to fix the melee lag and people have to much gear tied to there characters that cannot be transferred.
  8. no its not worth it andyou wont get a weapon from one chest. maybe if you buy 100k ncoin you can get a weapon
  9. i went from 29t exp an hour for 2 hours to 12t over the last hour. starting to think they only want yuls on the server
  10. @Juji melee lag is back and probablly worse then it was yesterday.... it was nice for bout 3 hours today.
  11. @Juji it was nice for 3 hours. i was keeping my tanor spot clear of minions now there all standing there
  12. @Juji @Hime I know yall been asked probably 1200 times now. But we have NEVER had any kind of response from yall. When the HELL are you guys gonna fix melee lag? Do you guys know whats causing it? Is it macroing? is it server capacity? Is it people playing from other regions on us server? Is it yalls dial up connection for the servers? Are yall still running windows 95 or xp? WE WOULD LIKE SOME ANSWERS! Yall keep making this server events, Im sure your capable of figuring this shit out by now. every single person that plays a melee toon because they refuse to play yul, respo
  13. @Juji @Hime thanks for the month of awesome exp. On a side note, I really don't know how much of this melee lag I can take. Playing any toon other then a yul is painful, watching my max attack speed evis punch twice, take a deep breath, then punch another 2 times is really old. I only ask because its really slowing down melee toon exp, we got it hard enough not having aoe dmg.
  14. hell no, get rid of this event. this event is only helping the uber geared people pull further away from everyone. and not to mention all the bots making new toons is back. theres already not enough farming spots in between lvls 105-110
  15. ok, its been a few weeks now. literally 5 pages of complaints. 12k views. and NO communication besides "we talked to the devs" @Hime @Juji can we get any form of communication at all? the entire game got royally bleeped 2 weeks ago and yall have said ONE sentence.
  16. find how high lvl yuls and pick up there drops, its easy
  17. NAILED IT!! but this will never happen. but i love the idea. and BRING BACK THE bleep FACTIONS AND QUESTS!
  18. 1. hunting zones and raid bosses. lets be real, 90%+ of the server arent elite players. the spots where you can do damage and get any kind of exp is now cut in half. raid bosses? we have raid bosses? ive seen one raid boss in 2 years of play. the rich and powerful control those, and they drop the gear that most of the server needs. how to fix that you say? make every raid boss an instanced zone that everyone can enter (ip enforced?) after you get 105, theres trully nothing to do as far as exp or farming gear. one could only hope to save enough adena to buy one "event" gambling box and HOP
  19. its impossible for anyone who doesnt have atleast 500b in gear to "farm" exp in any spots after 105. im sorry but this update is 1000% a dumpster fire. im sure most of the server would quit if it wasnt for covid. theres literally nothing in the game to do to entertain your self. wheres factions at? you know those were nice quests that gave decent rewards and items. @Hime, @Juji yall CANT keep taking away from the player base and putting everything we need to play this game in a damn event. theres like bare essentials that you need to play this game and 99% of them are unreachable.
  20. i mean, are they the same as the day before the update? because we had server boost of exp...
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