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  1. @Juji @Hime 

    I know yall been asked probably 1200 times now. But we have NEVER had any kind of response from yall. When the HELL are you guys gonna fix melee lag? Do you guys know whats causing it? Is it macroing? is it server capacity? Is it people playing from other regions on us server? Is it yalls dial up connection for the servers? Are yall still running windows 95 or xp? WE WOULD LIKE SOME ANSWERS! Yall keep making this server events, Im sure your capable of figuring this shit out by now.


    every single person that plays  a melee toon because they refuse to play yul, respond to my post and tag juji and hime. Its been long enough. 

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  2. @Juji @Hime thanks for the month of awesome exp. On a side note, I really don't know how much of this melee lag I can take. Playing any toon other then a yul is painful, watching my max attack speed evis punch twice, take a deep breath, then punch another 2 times is really old. I only ask because its really slowing down melee toon exp, we got it hard enough not having aoe dmg. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Degus said:


    New player, hooked on game, cloak event, busts his ass all week at K-Mart and drops 250$, all but food money on cloak pack....

    First 10 enchants fail all in a row, figures its a bug, restarts, bam +1, there we go, pop, fails goin +2, 6 more in a row fail goin +1, then finally, +3!

    250$ on a +3 cloak....

    Meanwhile, greasy metal head down the street buys +10 cloak on black market for 100 bucks and drives off in his bitchin camaro with your girlfriend by his side....and 150 bucks

    LMAO! speak the truth sir! 


  4. 3 minutes ago, Kicdo said:

    We want Lineage2 to become the game it used to be without asking for big changes.

    Force the use of party

    I am main support and its hard to find party because every damage dealer has their own  support in their party (with terrible gear because they are boxes toons) . I think this new update needs to make all classes equally important. 

    To me, the solution to this problem is:

    • Dual box should be forbidden, again.
    • Stop giving 1 hour buffs in events or purchase. Every player in siege doesnt use ISS buffs because of that
    • Eliminate selfbuffing
    • Eliminate vampiric rage in every item or talisman, so people will be forced to need a healer (in some zones).
    • Enhance party experience so people will be forced to party in lvl.

    Damage Dealer

    Increase base damage of attacks and decrease items/buffs with the ability to critical damage and critical rate. So Yuls and Evis won't 1hit a full tank or any other class.

    Hunting Zones

    There are many lvling zones below lvl 100 and this is pointless since there is a quest that makes you 100 in max 2 days. You can make those zones lvl 100, 103, 105, 107 and 109. With more spots for the entire server, the pk will be reduced and players can farm without problems.

    Also make new hunting zones for 111, 113, 115 (always odd numbers).


    I used to belong to a clan that recruits new players. Most of the new players got bored of the game because they macro a whole day and they only got 1%.So I think you should implement more daily solo quests for new people. They can dissapear after lvl 107.

    Adena system

    By removing the multiple box system, people wont have fishers anymore. So probably we need to increase the adena % in every mob and implement craft system for more objects, for example rose potions, scrolls for exp, scrolls for vitality, among others.


    Maybe this could be another update. A great idea for a new update :D.


    Kind regards,




    NAILED IT!! but this will never happen. but i love the idea. and BRING BACK THE bleep FACTIONS AND QUESTS!



  5. 1. hunting zones and raid bosses.

    lets be real, 90%+ of the server arent elite players. the spots where you can do damage and get any kind of exp is now cut in half. raid bosses? we have raid bosses? ive seen one raid boss in 2 years of play. the rich and powerful control those, and they drop the gear that most of the server needs. how to fix that you say? make every raid boss an instanced zone that everyone can enter (ip enforced?) after you get 105, theres trully nothing to do as far as exp or farming gear. one could only hope to save enough adena to buy one "event" gambling box and HOPE to get rich off of it. 

    2. augmentation

    havent played with since update because i dont wanna waste money on giants energy and destruction for very little in stats.

    3. item changes

    sigels and shield? yet again very little boost of stats. did i miss something in patch notes about other item changes? oh yea, seed bracelets... those are a cluster bleep one of the most complicated things my simple brain cant come to understand. i have a top grade and only have a top grade because i purchased about a 100 of the old bracelets before the last update... artifact books... yea ill pass thats the newest p2w item. ill give that another 2 years before i try to get one.

    4. skill changes

    stuff ill never notice, i guess its an improvement

    5. other changes

    i guess they are there ill probablly never notice.


    overall this update is a F in my book. ill not renew my prestige on any of my toons or buy anything from ncstore. 

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  6. its impossible for anyone who doesnt have atleast 500b in gear to "farm" exp in any spots after 105. im sorry but this update is 1000% a dumpster fire. im sure most of the server would quit if it wasnt for covid. theres literally nothing in the game to do to entertain your self. wheres factions at? you know those were nice quests that gave decent rewards and items. @Hime, @Juji yall CANT keep taking away from the player base and putting everything we need to play this game in a damn event. theres like bare essentials that you need to play this game and 99% of them are unreachable. 

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