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  1. ncwest should really STOP doing these exp events and such right before an update. when the exp events end and the update comes. its like a mega crash of exp. it kind of exaggerates the nerfs to exp and adena coming the same day.
  2. i mean a few more events? how many more pay2win events do we need? these free events people are only getting healing pots and roses...
  3. cruma tower.... yea im old. and the catacombs
  4. hey ncsoft just wanted to make sure the server was empty of bots to handle the amount of seige thats gonna happen in aden today
  5. seriously, alot of people have been out of work for quite some time. we havent had a free event that was good in a long time.
  6. @Juji THIS IS EXACTLY WHATS WRONG WITH THE GAME RIGHT NOW! put the items in the game not the bleep l2store or p2w event.
  7. @juji yall can take the meaningless bullcrap we get from beating the bosses on aden tour and out of the chests that rarely drop. whats the point of getting the 1600 coins from beating the game? you can only buy so many dice.
  8. what is this shilen soul crystal? cant find any info on it.
  9. @Hime wheres this so called buffer? only thing angel cat gives is dandy balls one time and then the dandy buffer isnt in the spot its suppose to be in for the once daily 2 hour buff...
  10. you didnt read the patch notes. alot of new areas are gonna be vampiric resistant, there for gonna need a healer.
  11. heres what i got 106 level most skills +7, +12 bloody dd 3sa 8-8, ruby 4, rare pack, hellfire, abundance 1, lvl 3 jewels from exalted, venir 11, blackbird clan talisman lvl 10, artificat book lvl 2, elemnta artifact, +5 kaliels bracelet, tauros agathion, and everything else from 105 exalted including armor.
  12. is there a list out there, that shows best gear to boost damage? weapon ? ? ?
  13. very first one i opened i got a shield. nothing since.
  14. yes, details of red libra would be nice. would love to switch my main class!
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