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  1. I doubt any of the GM's will read or care... but here goes. Its well know that many people are using illegal programs in order to farm the greedy boxes. Therefore, only a handful of poeple are benefiting for the newest add on to the game. And everyone else is cheated out of them. Here is a suggestion on how this issue could be resolved that would give everyone a fair chance or aquiring an item from them. I think the whole random spawing process should be eliminated and use a different approach for them to spawn. So, for them to spawn, lets say a character would have to kill
  2. What could be a solution to this problem would be changing how they spawn and make it bound to a specific character. For example, a character would need to kill 10k mobs for the chest to spawn which is bound to him. He gets 10 min to kill the box before it dissapears. If he is not strong enough to kill it by himself he can ask friends to help but they would need to be part of his party in order to do damage to the box. Once the box is destroyed only the bound character can pick up the drop. If the drop isn't picked up in the time being allowed it will dissapear too. This way everyo
  3. Red Libra wasn't that long ago. Next time we see it most likely won't be before spring.
  4. You guys should take the advice and send a ticket. I have been having no lag and no d/c the whole time of the event on 3 accounts. Maybe your internet provider is possibly overloaded. We are in a pandemic and more people are staying home. Internet usage is also higher. What i'm trying to say is that its not a good thing to restart the server if only a handful of people are having the issues. That would cause a bit of an outrage with all the players that don't. Then again, i'm on Naia. So I have no idea how the server is running on Chronos.
  5. I suggest you keep your retordicle oppinions to yourself. I do agree that some ppl are using illegal programs to locate the chests but if they remove them it will ruin it for everyone else who can now afford them at a lower price. Also its not only 2 ppl that gets all the chests. I for one managed to get a chest while i was farming afk. And i know many others that did the same. Its not an event, its an add on to the game. Everyone else is in the same boat as you so stop crying...
  6. I have to agree with Andouille. Your obviously not thinking smart here. You think reducing the chance of a level 5 gem will stop the top players from farming them? It wouldn't change a thing... it would just make them more expensive to buy. You should be happy that it greatly reduces their prices and are more plentiful on the servers. Think before posting stupidity like that here...
  7. I can see where your coming from. But if you buy any snoman boxes they give 3 vitality tonic each. So if they add a vitality maintaining rune, all those tonic will now be useless. Seems as NC are trying to motivate ppl to buy the boxes in order to help maintain vitality.
  8. Yes it is how the game as become. Even the strongest players can be 1 shot from others. Its a pay 2 win game especially in pvp. If pvp is too tough for you maybe you should change your name to AdmiralAssKicked
  9. Yes that is correct. They cannot be traded and will expire at the end of the snowman box event. So make sure to use them up.
  10. Seems like the overall xp needed to level up. Just as an example: if you need 10 trillion xp to level up from 110 to 111 that amount will get reduced. No changes to the xp given by mobs. But will surely accelerate the progress of all. Then again... for NC benefit, we will have to open up our wallet more often to be able to keep up with the level of the mobs. But needed to improve our gear more often.
  11. Not a chance. You will either all get butchered or won't be able to finish the instance in the given time. Make sure you have at least 1 or 2 decent dd's.
  12. Just to clarify things about archer been always strongest class... Go look at the Olympiad rankings and its pretty clear that there is a decent balance between all classes. Don't look at iiiiiAiiiii and VV because we all know they have a higher level and gear that none other have.
  13. This nerf is a little too much. Farming in Stronghold for 1 hr my adena gain went from 315kk to 185kk. I have top gear and the income is less than the cost of 1 pass to enter IOS. Where is the logic in that. Now there is no more point to keep prestige subscription or even to play this game. NCWest you need to understand that many people play yul class and you are going to seriously affect your income gains as your pissing off a lot of players.
  14. They will most likely have another xp event for the Christmas holiday. But i doudt it will be as good as the one we just had.
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