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  1. REQUIRED: rework on castle sieges

    I see where all is coming from. The damage output from all the items they keep putting in the game is creating a huge unbalance in the game. The game has been ruined beyond repair at this point. In no way could they nerf the damage at siege for the whales cause that is what they paid for to have that unreal damage and defense. The only thing I could see possibly working is if they started to rank clans in some way by members strength and level of players. We all have a character status that if the clan could somehow add up stats of players and rate the clan based on its members. Then split the castles in 2 groups. Let's say Aden, Rune, Giran, inandril are castles to be acquired by top 10 or 15 clans and the other castles are for the weaker clans. If a member from a top clan enter siege zone on the lower level castle grounds he automatically gets sent back to town.
  2. I just want to say thank you to the team. Its a step in the right direction. To all others that are complaining... you need to understand that the root of the problem cant be fixed with a snap of the fingers. You couldcat least acknowledge the effort that they are making.
  3. Complaints about archers

    I'm sure they would know better than to nerf the yul class. So much money was invested in that class by players to get them where they are. It would create an outrage and push more people to quit the game.
  4. Complaints about archers

    I'm dissapointed in your common sense here mixa. I see you post all the time here and unlike most others i probably agree with you on 90% of your threads. If you have a Tyrr or evis with the same level gear as a yul to compare apples to apples, im sure the other class will do just as well as a yul. You need to understand that all the top dds on the servers have crazy gear that most of the other class don't have and of course those guys play yul class. When i mentioned that the cry babies should try to play yul, i wasnt suggesting that they play that class permanently but that they give it a try. And find out that an average geared yul isn't as strong as all would think.
  5. Its getting tiredsome of hearing constant complaints about the Yul class. 1. The reason they are top in the server is because most ppl chose to play them. 2. Every other dd class can deal just as much damage of they had the same amount of items as the top archers do. 3. Sure they have range, but just about every class has some skills to shorten the gap and jump on the mobs. If you think they are so overpowered, just create one and play it instead of all crying and find out by yourself... That way you may all wipe your tears and realize that they aint more privileged than others and the reason some are so strong is because ppl took the time to build them that way.
  6. I absolutely agree with you. I love the amount of adena dropping just like everyone else. But the problem are the no lifers with a ton of accounts that just keep flooding the market with adena and raising the price of everything on the servers. NC dont have any choice other than lower the adena drop to keep a balance in the game. All because of the abusers... in game heroes but real life losers...
  7. WAR > (PVE) XlXxxBRxxXlX vs (PVP) Nephilins

    Killing Nephilim members is no big feat. The only strong member they have is a Clownpiece.
  8. And for us in America we are all at work. In all the years i played i only remember 1 time that i was able to get gm buffs. Its frustrating because we all have to deal with the issues and yet only a small fraction of the players will get to benefit from the gm buffs. It would be nice if they would create some type of buff scoll that they would put in the character inventory or warehouse. At least this way everyone would get it.
  9. Adding new items in the store all the time is great for some but bad for the majority of people on the server. There is too much imbalance between strenght of players on the server. Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every month to keep up with the richer players. So 99% of players has no chance to compete against the upper 1%. When you see 1 strong dd able to take out a full clan or alliance at a siege you have to see a problem here. That imbalance is killing the pvp side of the game. Another issue is the low xp, i am level 112 with over 1 trillion in gear and if i solo 24/7 in a level 113 zone i make around .3% per day. And that is using prestige and destiny pack as well. I'm looking at about 1 year to hit level 113. And I'm ahead of 98 or 99% of all the other players. I can just imagine how tough it must be for all the lower players just to catch up in xp. And the cost associated to get geared properly just to be able to pve. As for pvp they dont even stand a chance and possibly never will unless they dump tens of thousand of dollars in a 16 yr old game. The other problem with the new patch is.. where did all the hunting spots go? Adding more mobs per spots is great, for stronger players like myself and also weaker players as they can make a party in those spots since there would be sufficient mobs. But theybare scattered too far appart. For example: FOS has less than half the spots there used to be. I struggle to find a spot sometimes and its frustrating. The game has plenty of un-utilized areas that could get used. So many other issues, but i will leave it at that since these are most likely affecting every players.
  10. no war no castle

    This post is ridiculous. Clan sieges and war are 2 different things. If a clan goes to siege its because they want pvp. War on the other hand will usually just be about killing afk farmers who wants to level up. You dont see war pvp anymore in this game.
  11. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    None of the 16th anniversary boxes dropped any of the xp boost items you mentioned. It pretty much just coins and a useless amount of adena. Although they do contain some better items at an almost impossible rate. I got 3 piece of armor and an insanity talisman from them. So I'm happy about what I got. But for all the extra coins that we got which is about 1000x more than we needed and the useless prizes from the Aden run, I sure hope NCWest gives us something to spend them on.
  12. MS YUL - The next step

    Another thing you need to do is increase you dex. 78 is way to low for level 108. You should be at least 90 dex. Dyes are plentiful with the event so Its a good time to change them. Yul are all about skills so using enhanced arrows won't help any it only works on regular attacks. Your jewels should be p.skill crit damage oriented like Paulina , Angel +6 and tauti. Get a good augment on your weapon this is p.skill crit damage at least 15%. For yuls it's all about p.skill crit damage and rate. P.atk is only a number and won't dictate your damage input. So focus more on getting more critical 1st. Also put all your skills on focus for now. When you can do crits almost every hits then you can replace it with break. This is for starters a lot more expensive items can be acquired to improve your damage but 1st you need to take your character on a different route. 1. Change all tattoos to dex 2. Change skills to focus. 3. Put a p.skill crit damage augment on your weapon. If you do these you should start to see higher dps for not too much adena.
  13. MS YUL - The next step

  14. 2H tauti, or dual

    The delete character button is by far the best option for that useless summoner class.
  15. There are an awful amount of 16th anniversary coins that aren't necessary for this event. It would be nice if the developers would add a section to the event npc where players could trade in the extra thousands of coins for items before or after the event is done. I'm sure everyone of your loyal customers and players would appreciate that.