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  1. Stop acting like your the victim here. You have some good valuable points from other players here trying to help you and your replies has been rude to all of them. Take Degus offer has he seems far more capable of figuring your problem out than you can...
  2. You can only change it during red libra event.
  3. I sold all my stuff and went to Core. Server there isn't as active as here. Most items are cheaper and others comparable in prices. But they are definitely not as aggressive as here to take your money. They have the Einhasad store there and here they have the NC store. They both have their + and -. The problem here is the handful of people that controls the economie. If it wasn't for them the game would be easier for all to gear up.
  4. I would suggest starting a new character. It will take you about 10 minutes to get your new character to level 72 again but at least you will get all the free items that the game now gives. Ice roses, R99 set and weapon at level 40 and best of all a 7 day vitality maintaining rune. You should get to level 95 in a matter of hrs.
  5. I'm sure they must have a reason for all these bans. Maybe they are finally digging deep to find out who's been cheating. Removing all that adena from the servers will only do some good to the games economy.
  6. When the party bonus was on dd's still went to solo with distant parties. So the reason they are not logging now its because the xp is too low again.
  7. I noticed the same issues. Some items seems to register fine but other just don't work.
  8. P.atk or m.atk? Either one = no damage. I suggest you change class or jump off a cliff and leave your character to rot there.
  9. L2quote

    Yul setup

    In your skill tree put your points towards attributes, p.atk and all p.skills improvements.
  10. After exalted gear there are no more free gear. To progress you need to learn how to farm and make adena in the game market. Another faster option is to use your Visa and buy ncoins. Buy item from the store then sell it in game. But there definitely no shortage of items available in game to progress.
  11. I see you reasoning to this post. It would be far more enjoyable if you could participate to sieges and all players be slightly more equal in strength. But unfortunately that would come with far more issues as well. There would be a serious lack of gear and items available in the server. Making it near impossible to progress in the game once you get level 105 since mobs would be too strong.
  12. Sadly the GM buffs are only acquired by a few players. When they were given I was at work. And it's been the same way every other times. It would be nice if they had an npc that would spawn for 24 hrs or put in players warehouse through a scroll or something like that.
  13. I hope NCWest comes up with a solution to return the greedy boxes to the game. I'm a way that all players have a chance to aquire them. Last method was a fail since only a couple of players abused the system and benefited from them and flooded the server with cameras. I would like to see those players banned as they try to control the server and market as well as sell adena online. This is supposebto be a game where the company should be able to make profit with this game... not the players.
  14. Some people think that because of the Red Libra event more players will need a new weapon. Which can be true in some sense but most will just change their current weapon to the appropriate weapon they will need. Its just a sad way to try to take advantage of the market by greedy players. They most likely won't sell and prices should adjust before the event is over. Prices on Naia has remained the same...
  15. Sadly with these greedy chests, its only the same ppl that benefits from them. I won't put any names out here but i know that a couple of them don't have a real life job and use this game by farming adena and items then selling it online to give them income. It would be nice if NC would change the ways the greedy chests spawns so everyone gets a chance to aquire them as well as push those no lifers to get a real life job and contribute to the society like everyone else does.
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