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  1. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    None of the 16th anniversary boxes dropped any of the xp boost items you mentioned. It pretty much just coins and a useless amount of adena. Although they do contain some better items at an almost impossible rate. I got 3 piece of armor and an insanity talisman from them. So I'm happy about what I got. But for all the extra coins that we got which is about 1000x more than we needed and the useless prizes from the Aden run, I sure hope NCWest gives us something to spend them on.
  2. MS YUL - The next step

    Another thing you need to do is increase you dex. 78 is way to low for level 108. You should be at least 90 dex. Dyes are plentiful with the event so Its a good time to change them. Yul are all about skills so using enhanced arrows won't help any it only works on regular attacks. Your jewels should be p.skill crit damage oriented like Paulina , Angel +6 and tauti. Get a good augment on your weapon this is p.skill crit damage at least 15%. For yuls it's all about p.skill crit damage and rate. P.atk is only a number and won't dictate your damage input. So focus more on getting more critical 1st. Also put all your skills on focus for now. When you can do crits almost every hits then you can replace it with break. This is for starters a lot more expensive items can be acquired to improve your damage but 1st you need to take your character on a different route. 1. Change all tattoos to dex 2. Change skills to focus. 3. Put a p.skill crit damage augment on your weapon. If you do these you should start to see higher dps for not too much adena.
  3. MS YUL - The next step

  4. 2H tauti, or dual

    The delete character button is by far the best option for that useless summoner class.
  5. There are an awful amount of 16th anniversary coins that aren't necessary for this event. It would be nice if the developers would add a section to the event npc where players could trade in the extra thousands of coins for items before or after the event is done. I'm sure everyone of your loyal customers and players would appreciate that.
  6. server exp boost need to be back pls!!

    You'll just need to work your way to level 110 like we all did.
  7. Best Yul?

    As Laran said... choose Trickster if you'll be more PvP focused. GS if more pve focused. My advice would be to only focus on 1 of the 2 when gearing them up. Gear is expensive and your better off getting 1 strong yul instead of 2 average one.
  8. Best Yul?

    Well done Laran, you hit the nail on the head. Accurate info.
  9. Buffs

    Easiest way to get free buffs and keep the xp for yourself until level 105 is to get an active mentor who's on 24/7.
  10. Shilien Soul Crystal Price

    I agree with you. Some people will buy if they are fully stacked and they own just about every items in the game. This is another way to add to their dps or whatever else the may want to improve. But for the average player there are far other ways one can add to his character for a fraction of the price.
  11. Raid Boss Isabella - Garden of Spirits

    I was being sarcastic. I don't know which boss it is your talking about but if Its a field raid boss you will need a couple parties of fully geared characters.
  12. Raid Boss Isabella - Garden of Spirits

    You guys couldn't kill it in exalted gear???? I'm surprised!!!
  13. Shilien Soul Crystal Price

    I won't be buying into this one. The value just isn't there.
  14. Ruined the big title.. Why?

    You should be able to do the lvl 100 solo instance quite easily with an evis. If your character is low level and was created before the last update you may consider to start a new one. That way you will get all the new items that are now given in the game. I with the current server settings and at lol 85 you will receive a 7 day vitality maintaining rune and get hit 105 in 3-4 days. I was able to do Castila 100 with a 102 hrs and a 100 yul easily enough.
  15. Whats so Classic about this? Nothing

    I agree with all you said. I tried classic for a couple of months and it's a very bad version of the old game.