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  1. wow! no break what so ever on the packs? after all the shit we are having to put up with and you can't even give us a break on the pack cost? $50 for 50 hours!?!? does that seem fair with all the issues we've had to deal with? does that seem for to compensate for the lost time paying for the packs? honestly, as a player, it just feels like another kick in the nuts.
  2. The lag/lat had gotten so bad this last week that I couldn't even keep my evis alive a dino isle. I could not hit fast enough for vamp rage to regen my HP. I've never had that problem before. REAL money is being spent and basically wasted because we can't get a server setup to handle us. INSTEAD of opening a new classic server, why not consolidate 2 that have little traffic and invest those resources into our server? People are spending thousands of dollars buying your "events" how about you spend some time caring about your players? Its time to fix this and to give us real com
  3. Fix the disconnection for idle players. for the life of me I cannot keep my buffer logged in. I have tried it on a dedicated connection. I have tried it as a 3rd box on 3 different computers. I cannot keep it logged in. My active boxes have no issue. I have even changed the macro on my buffer so that it does something in between buff but he still disconnects. Same issue for shops. Can keep a shop logged in long enough for anyone to see it. Don't tell me to use the AH either. If I need to sell a +12 bloody weapon, I don't want to loose 1.2b to stupid fake ass AH fees...
  4. What good is that gear if you can't afford to buy SS and Soul Ore? Got to have soul ore now for buffs whether self or from Iss. Not being able to afford the red libra buff means nothing if you can't get SS and Soul Ore too. My stats say in 7hours I have only made 4,519,023 adena so all the free gear in the world means nothing if you can't afford to buy the items required to use it.
  5. not only lag and slow attacks at time but my 3rd client on 2 computers will not stay logged in. Both clients are my buffers. I constantly have to relog it.
  6. Really you think this patch/update helps lowbies? I'm in hellbound with 2 dreads and a buffer. I cannot farm enough in 8 hours to buy the freaking 30m buff from the red libra npc… Yeah this is a big help for lowbie players
  7. 70k lololol apparently the 300k that dropped was just too much. we low grade players were just getting too rich from them... hahahaha
  8. Here is another update not included in the so called "patch notes". Land of Chaos and Plunderous Plains is changed. Adena drops have been reduced to almost nothing in these areas! 1700-2500 adena is a JOKE! I have canceled my prestige packs.
  9. @Juji @Hime Hey guys, I have a question about the update and exalted quests. I am in the middle of Exalted, Guide to Power. I have my 80k kills but I have not reached 107 yet. Will I loose my progress after the update?
  10. @Juji thank you for being willing to GM buff but its sucks that the timing is not done well for most players. As a NA server, why not be available when N/A players can get on. After work in the evening, not middle of the day or afternoon. I just got home from work. Seen I was D/C from server restart and checked forum to see GM buffs. By the time I was logged in on my characters they were gone, It freaking sucks because I'm effected by the server even if I wasn't sitting here the exact moment something happened.
  11. Besides the other issues we have with lag and disconnects and adena drops and etc... Where are the high quality textures for all the elements in the game. Tanor mobs are black. Alligator mobs glow gold. Your new event that has the Rok character is black. This is just a few that I have seen.
  12. My evis is killing very slow right now. I have another evis in party to assist and there is a long delay before it moves. normally it is very fast. like comments above, it hits twice and then has a noticeable pause before it attacks again.
  13. constant disconnects. usually just 1 client per machine and then after party dies because of the disconnect the others disconnect too
  14. @Juji Juji, I finally got a response to ticket: #23459106 but it was too late for me to purchase the prestige pack and ensure I would get the bonus items. Can you please tell me if I am still eligible for the items since the problem was out of my control? I could have met the requirements if I was not blocked. I will not purchase the packs without them so I would like a confirmation from you please. Thank you!
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