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  1. The most interesting thing about this event is that if I am an average yull like me, we will be able to fight to win a spot every 3 days, since all classes will have their dragon weapon every day except us, while so many yull really OP with the which they did the test they won't even ask for the weapon since they have better weapons
  2. the staff compares the yull top of the game, but those archers already have a better weapon than the one they are giving for free ... with the criteria used by ncsoft, blunt, shaper and fist they must be worth 3 coupons since those classes have a lot of half skill that is very broken
  3. Today a member of our cp and clan could not log in with his account because apparently he has his account suspended for suspicious activity, this player is a totally clean player and plays honorably, the main theme is that in half an hour we must go to clan Epics , which is will be lost and the CP will be automatically damaged ... now by showing that this character is not involved in any illegal activity, they will restore the runes to the time they had, but the exp, adena lost during that suspension as do they reward him? How do you reward the PC that will be unintentionally harmed?
  4. Why don't pk drop?

    meanwhile any average player should settle for watching stream killing dragons since in his life he will be able to access them ... While they will continue sweeping hunting areas without fear or risk of losing anything ...
  5. Why don't pk drop?

    but it is not fair that for that reason he pays the essence of the game, the rb dragons, etc ... in my opinion ncsoft must find a way to solve it, it is his job and he is paid for it
  6. Why don't pk drop?

    What is the reason that the pk does not drop? Players pass with unreachable equipment and sweep hunting areas without penalty ... Where is the essence of l2? How long will a single clan make dragons? even when the pk walked the maps without fear of losing important things? If any GM could explain to me, I would appreciate it.
  7. The Fallen

    Are you still recruiting? ... i´m Yul 103/ Wynn 101 Full Pve ... nick CiberLord
  8. hi, yul 103 full pve lf clan