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  1. healer stuck when cast

    Hi all, any healer can confirm that, if u are far from target and cast greater heal or another individual heal the character doesnt move and show on that message, "The distance is too long etcetc", before update that bugs doesnt exist, if u are in pvp and u have to heal a PT member far away from u the healer doesnt move forward to target but stay on step.
  2. So no macro?

    we are too, in doubt at the moment we quit
  3. Hi all, should any1 expalin me what is the sense of fishing xp/sp boots on vips status? after update you drop down drastically xp/sp gained by fishing so its really useless boost fishing with vip's status, if you want to delete or modify this statistic it would make sense to keep it in the VIP. have a good day. ps sry for bad eng.