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  1. “Creatures Often Befriend Another.” Core/Orfen/Baium/Antharas Toon: LuckyStrikz Server: Chronos
  2. @Hime@Juji So why wasn't the Primeval Island drop reduction posted? Or is this another "working as intended" answer.
  3. With everything being AFK/L2 Store only items. Could you please bring back some kind of game play to the game such as: - Crafting System - Manor System - Drops to support the Above - 7 Signs/Dusk or Dawn System - Questing System - Market (other than your wallets/L2Coin) Basically all the aspects of the game that the Dev team felt needed to be removed.
  4. Does it seem like all the crappy free event rewards are being won but once you see a dragon claw or something good it doesnt seem to want to pay out.
  5. @Hime and @Juji Is this event a way to show the amazing NCWest Dev team how balanced the server is and how fun siege PVP is? So, I see the top CPs going into alt clans just for this event.
  6. @Jujior @Hime, will we see the full patch notes before or after the 3 February update?
  7. so what your trying to tell us is, there are no changes, no fixes or solutions to the current problems but we need a 4hour break.
  8. So, when are we going to get Group XP zone like Varka/Ketra for the lvl105 to 109 range? When is Cruma Tower, Harnaks, SOI/SOD/SOH, Garden of Eva (no idea who has ever leveled here), Devils Isle or basically anywhere on the map going to help the lower levels get to 110+? Please stop with the instances, unless you bring back the old 10 day quest that was in Aden or anything else that might help us gather items to use.
  9. Please add some kind of game content that allows us to do a quest for a reason. Example, add the faction system back into the game. Provide quest that allows for us to get a reward that is actually worth doing, like the making rune stones (so put the level 100 catacombs back into the game).
  10. agreed, I don't understand why they can't just add a quest or something into the game to help those of us that don't want to spend so much money on the game to get items.
  11. Thank you, and I hope the DEV team will watch this to re-evaluate the bases of the gameplay... Really wish they would get back to the roots of what L2 is supposed to be about.
  12. does ncsoft plan on letting the player base know the % or chance rate for the gambling system for the next event?
  13. however, that doesnt help tomorrow for a 60min dc
  14. well, since everything goes to the dev team for an answers. can't we just get the dev team to comes to us and provide updates instead of using a middle man/woman? a monthly dev team facebook feed would be nice for a question and answer period. who knows it might seem like ncsoft cares.
  15. make the game great again by adding something worthwhile in doing... add real drops back into the game... re-establish the manor system...
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