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  1. this reminds me a phrase on old forums. "everybody in the office is riding a ponny while naked" something like that lmao
  2. Macro farm and exping

    dressing their dolls with shiny gear thats a goal too! btw if you start telling them afk macro selfish/anti social having a pve cp, imo is the epitome of selfishnes
  3. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    imo that new feature its the cause real time data etc need more frequent server maintenance meaning every 24hrs should solve the problem
  4. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    no mate dont be paranoid in that matter, need engeneers to speak about it lol
  5. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    about the clean parts 118 raids drop 1-3 parts per raid anakim/baium/lilith etc
  6. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    I am not sure, think new raids 107+ drop clean parts also, need confirm!
  7. ranking system is copied from other browser online games which bad or not they are trend for some ages now but personally I dont like it there are also events of which having X server ranking you get rewrded items etc.
  8. how to make adena?

    yea they release food, now its time to cash for ncsot imo wizard gear will drop like hell all those having full pt equiped will sell for 2 cents after tomoz so maybe new players, poor ppl can have some slices of the pizza its about to see also klaudia i didnt offend you nor call you a dog this is a game remember thanks
  9. how to make adena?

    @Klaudia please confirm, to farm 8b with macro you need 1tri of gear?? maybe more ?
  10. this is sad, lineage 2 isnt working on this type of buisnes model, it supossed player to craft items in cooperation with other members via ingame means but what we get is abstaction of features etc and magically those features show up on l2 store isnt it fabulus and idk is it we take patches really fast now or is my opinion, we made 9months without new patch and now after 2 months we get removed all those goodies we got in fafurion? can we postpone patch? maybe november would be optimal or player abuse and bot? would harm game? sincerely my 2 cents thank you
  11. Etina Solo Dungeon

    its not leona blckbirds the npc its the same npc for party instance, teleport inside refinary then check again the npc nearby
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

    I enter, not sure why others can't !?!?!? Thank you
  13. No more New Items Please

    free to play is doomed to end like this, its like telling to drag 2 paralel lines that are also crossing. so you cant balance a zero casher and a healthy / cow if you like* spender (professional cow) im laughing so hard cant find a meme lmao also there are many schemes how to make some balance althou not perfect. like ex target of sales its X ammount if achieved free event with equal chances for all server, but than again will be ppl crying cant play 24/7 or bot here there you know what i mean.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    I agree you need to meditate 30days like shaolin priest for the list of items you need to be efficient
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    guys you need 1000 of those thingies to make 1 bottle so 1 lind gives 2.5 bottles* thank you