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  1. r99 parts for the R- cry, and direct adena from npc, they are welcome, adena influx incoming they dont even know what they are doing troll us with most pathetic way this game becoming not fun since the only enemy is boredom which leads in braking ur items and becoming a zomby
  2. there always will be ONE, that will outscore our mere mortals, in every game there is, as far as its only 1 its like being NONE many thanks
  3. you guys start fighting over details, Can you focus and to the admins why do we get lower tier items from loot boxes when in the past we were getting even higher tier ? which ga,me werent in the dificulty of todays updates, this is crucial which part is hard to understand here Increase briliant rose/ dragon buf/ beer to at least x5 man wtf is this venir 20+, b.valaks never droping from lootboxes is this intended where is this going ? what a player in 2021 needs longing man its freaking 10 years item* looking for a response @Juji @Hime
  5. It will eventually be here since there is a wall at 120 And that wall will stay for too long so imo from next patch we get store
  6. The OP is nice idea NCOIN IS FOR PUSSIES Who is true l2 player like hard life and believe me hard life rewards you more than ncoin in l2 think, act, repeat dont fraking purchase those coins
  7. Hello, I dont want to start a new thread but @Juji@Himeand the rest of admins what is a serious issue here is that what we see in promo or lets say items injections it is without any doubt in regress and is this going to continue? I mean before 3 years promo boxes drop venir 20 and now after 3 years we get venir 18? The list is bigger you guys injecting lower tier items without any aknowledgment we as players have the right to know why is this happening? did all player quit and this is a start over in 2021? kindly let us know why there arent any boss jewels ingame why
  8. I dont understand the purpose this poll since the updates are always tied to item aquistion therefore without einhasad store This update its incomplete as always in the west players are treated like cows My 2 cents im sure the devs will figure out a solution asap thank you
  9. Let me rephrase, what i ment is the tryhards that always are and stay on top since c1 and cry for lil things they dont get to have their chars fully improoved, meaning ppl that are already 120 or more shouldnt complain since this buisnes model has succed its purpouse and working as intended so yes majority of casual loyal players are 115 noone is arguing that. thanks
  10. I dont know many things but since in our region even with our “undergeared” chars we have almost same lvl toons as in korea the buissnes model is working as intended nothing gona change and as urself aleeady afmited u are part of the problem there would be a concern for the dev team as they collect data if all of our refion were 115 ex that would have ment they had to take actions and influx items after all crappy augment dragon stone you aint missing anything regards
  11. Im a bit off topic but im tired of ppl crying about adena flux etc adena are always welcome as for inflation they only affect l2 store tied items so meaning you can make a lot of improvements if u have lots of adena as for r99 bloody weapon price 45b, at that number should be a +15 or +16 think before buying
  12. I like this question so on one hand lets say u have ruby , r cat opal 5 (if i mis dmg output jewl lmk) equal 20%+12%+12% on the other hand vital 5 50 50% so it about right there is a balance :)) in this case the poor vital 5 compesates all all mentioned jewls ? For sure vital > red cat ;)) only cuz of ratio 50% xp than 12 % dmg
  13. Transition its not easy, you have to put effort to do better with a brand new class, lets say u change from wizard to tyrr, at 109 lvl you wont even have SP TO LEARN UR SKILLS FULLY the process will take time, Knowing the class etc ex skill usage order skill enchanting, dont want to offend but ppl ask for a change so bad than they ask to return to their old ones its tragic at this point it weren’t necessary the stone of destiny simply reroll the desired class lvls are easy nowdays items are stupidily hard to get.
  14. It is sad they remove greedy chests, on the other hand, red cats ruby and significant jewls were getting ridiculus prices due to control of a small group of ppl which hoarded them, greedy chest were planed to be implemented and removed from game. ncwest lack those items so if they would flood market with jewels and DW ncwest would probably need two or more servers interst is high
  15. This thread is for enchanting rates nerfed, without offense you do realise that has like 7years now that it doesnt matter the class but the items, the item makes the class op, so every class needs trillions to start cutting therefore item makes class op not class itself as for enchant rates we feel it but cant prove anything
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