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  1. go for spoiler has more luc than anyother
  2. besides of quiting @mixa is geting extremly lucky right or his guru knowledge is leading him to nice wealth the aftermath is to be nolife play im not judging as far them jewels are getting their price degenerated everyone is happy we are all happy
  3. there is 100% penalty at 9 lvl difference speaking for 110-11 ppl they have 0 chance to get anything even if they defeat the mob
  4. to add more, the one that drops lvl5 jewls its 120, meaning u need a char lvl118 -122 for no dmg / drop penalty, so yeah low lvl players have no chance and either way no reason to whine since they cant farm those.
  5. those items are not simply end game they are dead end game imo, just imagine a full party of 7 with just lvl1 brooch rapsody, and all of them DDs wizards, ketra/varka would be great xp but ncwest like hard life pay or keep dreaming.
  6. @Daik0n dear friend, first of all, yul had an absurd boost years ago in which with 1 aoe could whipe entire clan in siege, second, this yul thing became really stupid myself hate the class and i was thinking to roll one, everyone is playing yul atm, now is that what you want l2 = yul class?? there must be some diversity and personality in this digital world understand?
  7. bro SS bugs the server thats working as intended
  8. event is good for homuncus since u get full load of SP
  9. dont think so , its simple math yul skills has 40k++ power added to their p.atk e.x feohs have 300-500 power to their matk (but they got more m.atk) telling this every item added to the yul will simply give them more power. accordingly the yul class on its embryonal stage (without items) has more built in firepower how hard is that to understand. thanks
  10. i repeat the restoration is working fine, but if you are trying to take advantage over it they wont use it even if you have 100% right in their policy.
  11. restoration its working fine for me, within the rules, i dont know what are you messing here! would like to remind you that weapon in l2 is no.1 priority, all others are derivates that boost its power, so keep it in mind as in the army, your weapon your best friend.
  12. offtopic imvote teribeth for GM
  13. my 2 cents for this thread, all in all the OP wants to clean his enemies before they get inside pvp zone!!! but now that pk rules have changed nova hoorrays am I right divekio? you cant pk them without worreing. another 2 cents the pk rules are nova exclusive ncwest feature rofl
  14. Methodical


    could you be more preise? do you mean yuls items are more expensive than mages ? or mages need half items?
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