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  1. exactly what i wanted to say you aint going anywhere and they are aware of that, but agreed Lineage II, had the only strong card which is easy gameplay if game dont operate as it was there is no point !
  2. i dont get the point of prestige canceled since you can reactivate it lmao you guys aint going anywhere haha addiction its real
  3. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    its mentioned in other threads 120 ether per 24 jours its not accurate i dunno the exact number you can get but its higher than 120 got my 1500 ether in les than 7 days yours
  4. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    To the owner of the thread dude you really live this but not jugding to solve you the mystery he crafted r110 sigil or shield really good items @NaratyrMizzrym sorry soon it will cost 500m peace
  5. SonsOfAnarchy Recruiting!!! :)

    @Srelock we do get dragon shirt, after comlepting exalted 1 or 2, where do you have that statement of Juji? regards
  6. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    best sincere name "WINTER" is coming QQ
  7. Huge lag

    gamble to press enchat the item, gambe to open rune xp also or dmg boosts way to go we all had to consider the latency glitch before taking any actions,
  8. Ninja Nerf???

    Isnt green mobs have no penalty? becouse now we have 9 lvls instead of 5? im getting adena / (mats lower ofc) with 5 lvl diference from mobs but on 4 lvl apart work well too more mats, so if the gap is only 2 lvl will there be higher chances than 4?? thank you
  9. I have a question

    well that question is has large specter of answers, some play to kill an enemy some for chatting, some for the trades and so on, normally the reason of gaming its entertainment, but yeah the feeling of playing l2 the first day and now, has nothing in common.
  10. Play recording replay

    how can u replay the videos with the new launcher think its not the same. i cant find l2.exe any help ty

    helo personally, i see ablosutely no reason for that, till now there were an aliby due to shirts, which now is obsolette since they are in shop perma also dragon shirt tradable xp a new char also super easy what else am i missing so furthermore nothing to stand in this case its just nonsense of request imo
  12. EXP at 105 lvl

    try tanor canyon, aligator island or ivory tower
  13. Test of Fortune Reading event

    working as intended perfectly the main problem here is player cashes money in but its illegal to withdraw them somehow strange imo clearly legit cazino but with no legit way to cash out money
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 9, 2019