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  1. Advice for Yul GS

    Dont hate me but..... everybody in this game should change to yul and I mean it!
  2. when it comes to art works gamers are the worst , ive seen in other games some drawings, worst than kindergarden kids can make, made from 40-yo tryhrads to win some pixels LMAO at least game designers had some taste so you guys would have seen clown parade
  3. Maphr’s Box of Splendor Test 2000+

    2 DEWR out of 1k boxes such a pity NCSOFT lmao both tries
  4. Homunculus info

    in "fack" use vitality of your dual class its working save developing points until you get the right one it will be long proces anyway
  5. The Seed Bracelet FIASCO by NCWest

    do not listen to those nerds, telling its normal etc, its fiction since Y player bought another item from dimentional merchant, after update the item got transformetd into another item! so the only solution would be to set the link as it was previous patch, but hey nobody cares https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17879-seed-bracelet-link/?tab=comments#comment-121492 regards
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    well if so it would mean is a false problem and as it, should stay in a new server
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    Hello @Juji I have two questsions, What is going to happen if : 1. disable char creation on NAIA/CHRONOS 2. create a new server or servers (with boost xp) 3. merge the server with optional server of choice. when this ends can you propose that to the dev team?? thanks most important: Do a ban hhammer to all bots******
  8. seed bracelet link

    @Juji would you consider to let the link for seed bracelet at the dimensional NPC, permanent ? I dont think its game breaking thank you
  9. Artifact book lvl 3 price

    skill power / skill crit dmg, it do justify he cost, and its cheap imo, atm ppl are filling artifact slots with useles artifacts after lvl3 will be useful e.x. like patk, p.skill power, p.skill crit dmg all of them 15% @ +10 its not a typo p.skill power is a new artifact that can be enchanted enjoy
  10. Cloack enchant

    pls @Massacre sell that cloak or delete it seem its code is corrupted seriously sorry
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    to the main issue, get over it lag wont be fixed, they just wait the next patch to solve it, which i think in the upcoming update they wont fix it either, imho, it cant be fixed, to various problem, they will only do turn around solutions, like giving more dmg to melee classes so it will equalise dmg output
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    with a +15 cloak p.m skill power you gonna hit 30-50% each time and evry 10 mins that would be 150% so yeah if you want an easy life its a must, on the other hand its a bonus item meaning core item its the weapon which needs to be OE in first place than try to support it with cloak, imagine having a +15 cloak and exalted weapon you will see no diference
  13. Cloack enchant

    so whats gonna happen if you have luc stat 110? gonna invoke 15x lady luc in arow to end up with +15 cloak in no time, well noupe best thig can hapen is when your chances to fail lady luc to be tigrered, but can happen even if your atempt is going to succes and after that you fail so what is left to tell is try in a small scale like 10-20 scrolls enchant 3x cloaks or more and see is the rates going well or no and then proceed or try another time. those items are not to be made in 5 minutes and go grind ps i have made 2x15 cloaks and 3x +10 very easy
  14. Item Restoration Policy

    this policy did exist for at leas 5 years, as it is now, but if you try to make it like the OP above, breake restore, trade to another account break repeat its an abuse,