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  1. Dark_Bloody Stones_Crystal of dawn_Elcyum_Arti cry_Dye cry_Gold ticket_black ticket_zodiac scrolls_sayha blessing_authority ornament... In bulk, permanently, if they want add to L2 store instead some crap! Let see the Prices after
  2. Very Interesting ! Aka Jalila
  3. The supply and demand, The bottom of the problem is the scarcity of good products, the events with loots box do not offer much, the probabilities is too low to obtain some, and makes the players more frightened to buy some and that emplifit the other consequences by effect snowballs. The restoration plays a little because the players keep their items, so less need to buy. The price of NCoin is too high, because players buy RMT, so buy less NCoin, and makes the price of NCoin go up. The RMT, and they want to make money the more expensive the better, for this case the players ar
  4. Greeting TheDaghda and VLynxx, I'm late, even if you didn't expect me, and it's been a long time since I didn'tread the topics. Indeed your story is touching, because many of us have experienced this kind of tragedy. These are things of life that happen every day and everywhere, we have to live with it. But the question that arises is whether NC soft should do this every time members of the L2 communities and everywhere disappear in this way. The exeptions exist and confirm certain rules, but I fear that it is not possible, even if humanly we wish it. I know your pain is great, and h
  5. Hello Gamers, We can not really take into consideration his statistics, because we have unknowns, such as the gear, the context, which server, the date of these database, the time spent to carry out the test (the duration)? Which are essential bases( data) We know that the database is often modified, we can see it for example on certain events where the drops rates changes. We were also able to certify when the critical rate was modified on the 2 skills aoe of the Yulls, which was well felt on the smalls and medium gears, and less on the high gears, but indeed on this table we see that
  6. The Ppl usually ask a gm buff after the server crashes (down), and 1 more week of server boost is better than gm buffs, and everyone has the right to demand a quality server for entry free and (consumption after payment)
  7. A migration takes a long time and requires a good organization.
  8. It is a step for korea and NC soft for transparency, honesty and so that players are informed and less in the blur. NC soft took this decision, on the weight of the competent authorities, the government, associations, some game publishers, and of course that of the players, and has not reached us yet at NC West. On this subject they are late, compared to China, Japan and some European countries, but better late than never. This decision should extend to us logically, and hoping that all the game publishers who have this mechanism also follow and respect their commitments. Don't forget the
  9. On this topic i am completely agree with you @Degus, this game is made to play with several ppl, each class is specific, with its advantages and its disadvantages, all the RPG are like this and it's very good, and nothing prevents to take others class, all the classes can also farm solo with a good gear with more or less profitability, each one must farm according to his gear, adapt according to the spots, optimize his toon, evolve and especially have fun, even if i find Dungeons and Dragons more fun
  10. Check your mat (hardware), what use do you have of your computer, and yes there are more boxes than "real ppl, this is also one of the causes.
  11. From 7 to 10 so 43% reduction, after all depends on the couldown of your gear, but yes there is an impact, and we are simply back before the 7%, the class of yull is very strong and is advantageous to Storm, @iHyperlite can we also nerf the dagger class which is also very strong, com on
  12. They use several different IP addresses, and i confirm, it's obvious for me, not for all, and i understand. The computer science is fantastic !
  13. Let's not forget that the NC West servers are based in State of Oregon (Dalles, Portland ...) for the most part, so these are the laws of the United States Of America and the state of Oregon. It's a long way for transparency.
  14. The same players always seem surprised at this game mechanism. You have to be careful what other players may say and based on their experiences, and try to be objective. We see a lot of complaints from players with bad experiences, but not a lot of happy players, which i fully understand ! Indeed don't count too much on your luck with random box. There are good loot boxes and bad loot boxes, take your pick! Loot money - 100% free. The only way to get your loot is by playing. - free… or paid. You can acquire them by playing, or pay so as not to wait. - 100% paying: the player must
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