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  1. Problem with Dual Class

    Alright here's the deal ! I decided to add a dual class right before the limit barrier rises during the next update (I had left that part in ice for a while since I was totally frustrated that all my subclasses had been deleted during the last update before I had thr chance to awaken after being away for a while due to my job) - problem is that despite the fact my ingertory is alright (not exceeding the limit) and I have both completed the quests as well as meet all of the criteria, the npc hits me with a message saying "cannot add dual class". I'm a Tyrr Maestro interested into becoming a feoh. Any idea on what's wrong ? I only have 24 hours before the update makes the limit barrier higher so I need your help asap
  2. How L2 should procceed in 2020 - 21

    Alright, I might get lots of hate for my post, but oh well I've been playing since 2006 (back when Bartz was a server and L2 was probably the most popular mmorpg standing next to the other kings of the genre. Lineage has lost many of its hardcore elements, becoming an easier game (at least for the PvE part). That's not totally NC's fault, as they are trying their best to make the game fun enough and "easy to digest" by the new generation of gamers (admittedly, the auto attack mode was a great addition even though at the same time old gamers like me both love it and hate it at the same time - it helps a lot when you have to go to work or study and as a chef it means that nowadays I have almost zero free time, but at the same time it has taken away all the charm of the hardcore styled L2 - sure there is the other server L2 classic, but as far as I'm informed, L2 classic is not following the updates of the original, meaning that any change in the storyline is not being added to the classic, although I might be wrong). The hardcore should be brought back but in moderation. Remember when the quest to become a maestro was probably the toughest quest and many of us dwarves did never complete the transfering quest until we reached a certain amount of Lv.'s where we couldn't procceed any further without finishing it ? I remember joining the FlyingDutchmen clan back in 2008, being almost Lv. 59 and had never found that annoying NPC who would teleport from place to place, meaning I had never finished my quest (can you imagine the relief and the happiness I felt after I found him ? I remember wasting about 4k soulshots B grade on him, having already obtained some that the clan gave me -and if my memory serves me correct, I was facing a penalty due to the fact that I hadn't finished the second class transfer, although I don't remember well- just so that I could show my anger towards him 😅 and the best part is......... (?) I couldn't register the BSS recipe because I hadn't finished my quest and had to buy my soulshots instead of crafting them - but it was all part of the fun ! I don't know if you can feel the same way but it was how we had fun back then). I also remember seeing flying ships in Gracia, as well as ships as a means of transportation back in the old Lineage II. The flying ships were a great addition and could become a great way to turn them into vehicles for future clan wars or sieges in future updates. Unfortunately the flying ships no longer exist and if I noticed right, the floating ones don't exist either (during my third day on the game I had gained about 20k adena -which is pretty low considering how easily you can make your first million nowadays and had decided to buy a ticket and visit Gludin. I met my first in-game friend that day. It was another way of having fun back then as L2 was way more socialising than it has turned out to be now - both ships could return.) How about a "sailors guild" in a future update ? Traveling to new places -which will be discussed below- and occasionally fighting mini bosses or pirate NPC or player ships that will attack the vessel you either travel in as a passenger or commandeer ? For instance, a player could buy a ship which he could summon on any port and set a ticket price for players to board on and travel - imagine it as a mini game - clans could buy a big amount of NPC ships which they could set to travel in different courses eg. Giran - Gludin and obtain an amount of adena based on the number of players that chose the certain clan's ships to travel with and the taxes set by the local Castle or Fortress lords. As for the flying ships, it would be amazing if we managed to see some cool battleships in the near future ! And some more forts and castles in the Gracia region . Speaking of forts and castles (Clan Halls included), I think it's high time we saw some new ones being added in the game and it's also the right time to speak about new continents towns and cities (reimagining the already existing ones - remember L2 is story based, meaning that cities towns and villages change over time becoming bigger or even being whipped out of the map - remember the sadness some of us felt when we first saw our character mother village completely destroyed right after the Goddess of Destruction awakened ? It was a new addition in the game that offered new content and a way of exploring the world again). It's time for the villages to be built up again (we kinda miss the original soundtracks from these villages too 😢) and it's time for us to explore new cities and islands ! After all, the continent of Aden is simply just.... A continent on a map of countless continents to be added ! I won't go into new races, as this is something that could be discussed in another discussion, although yes, a new race would be cool 😛 New sports: YES, this mini game would make L2 even more fun than before. The Olympiad is cool, but what about a triathlon that would last 3 days ? Or something like a PvPvE event that could last 2-5 days (once a month) adding more stats to the winner (instead of hero, the player can become a "champion" or get a similar title with a set of unique skills they can use so long as they keep their title and keep winning first place in that particular event). Miscellaneous: L2 was always a great environment for players to sit in taverns (we've seen it as a CG video in previous trailers, although it wasn't meant to be an addition by that time), drink, eat, sing and socialize after a tough day of questing or hunting down Zariche. A fun addition that would add to the nostalgia of the warmness of the rpg games. Weddings used to be held back in the day... Although gamers did it themselves and I think it should become an official mini game. After all, we do the formal wear quest for a reason (and it could mean the addition of new emotes 😃) Final addition is => more skills, more levels to achieve and probably new classes or new categories to unlock after awakening, meaning...... You got it - more class transfering quests. These are few of the additions proposed ! Whether you agree or not, I'm looking forward to each one's reply as through such conversations, the game keeps being updated. Remember, NC is a company that keeps an eye on us and what we talk about in such conversations, so by speaking our minds we can help NC turn L2 better and bigger each time ! Merry Xmass to all of you and wish you all the best !