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  1. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    LOOOOL u reward some1 with a Random!!!! LvL 1 / 2 or 3 Dragon Weapon, sure better give u some random shi t instead of the item of choice when u make it to +23 ++ i guess its to much work to give them what they want. GzGz btw that new rose isnt to OP no , and how about a 2h pvp def rune ??????? what the heck u think about little pvp balancing, as if there isnt enugh pvp dmg boost now i know why full stacked dds hit Tanks / heals / supports for 500kk + dmg and there is no sense to even stand pvp w/o celestials or ultimate def skills. THX vm for break the game more and more and more
  2. who whould think its nessesary , usualy u whould expect event related items to stay as long as event mb ur smart enugh to understand that and not fish here for troll comments
  3. THX VM for rework the shop in the morning and its not posible to buy mb nesseary reenter passes for the event instance which is still on this day
  4. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Hi and THX VM mb its my own fault, since i didint buyed all nessesary reenter passes for Golden Compass Event Instance at some point. Now im left with +9 Bracelet and 230 coin's, usualy thought i could do again today 120 coin's to make it +10, but since u reworked the nc-store this morning and not with serverdown .... this is not posible anymore because there are no passes left to buy. THX VM again not sure why i still thought some stuff here is made with logic .... but as so many times be4 we just got disapointed.