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  1. 14 times in a day, old man, this tires, because the disconnections are occurring. So many times in a row, they are random, it seems that not, if you leave the toons fishing they have not disconnected in 10 hours. If I leave the toons leveling, it cuts me often. bpm I am the only one with these problems, thanks for the answers that I will not have. Greetings to all, Enjoy the game, donen donen donen.
  2. The use of skill in macros has become a real nightmare. The time of use of skill in skill is eternal, they tend to skip the skills, and I'm sure that not even my grandmother is that slow. If there were modifications in the times of use of the skills in the macros, please notify us. If someone could tell me some little program to help me with the skills to replace these horrible macros I would appreciate it. Enjoy the game if you can. Donating relaxes the soul and allows me to play for free, please pay, pay a lot. Greetings.
  3. On the day of the date (Wednesday 14), I have lost the connection several times. Many times, ok, I understand that the first days are complicated, so many donors logging in to take advantage of the event and that hangs the game. But by God, you can't take advantage of VP runes (thanks to the previous event, by the way.). Today I only have to fish to not lose the few scrolls that I still have. I have called my ISP, I have sent them to hell, but they are not. My client would have been updated badly on both PCs. There is a patch that I have not downloaded. There are so many donors f
  4. They could play some games while you wait. Or better yet, they could have the toons on the account you expect to add experience while in the queue. Or it could add vp runes for infinite time after 4 hours of waiting and reconnecting. I know they don't read the messages, but somewhere you have to leave your anger.
  5. Again for the 5th time, lcsm
  6. This must be a bleeping joke.
  7. bleep how are you today mixed Enjoy the game, if you can login
  8. And if I have to start over after waiting 1 hour, well. Do not restart the server after this. Don't really bleep(Jodan, Google translate, no es bleep) around.
  9. I understand that this restriction seems appropriate. But it is hanging, very often, please check it. It's no fun starting at 437 and crashing at 23. And re-hanging is not fun either.
  10. This is the second time that the same happens with the queue. The waiting time is stopped and there is no other solution but to log in again. With the consequent renewal of the list. God, this has not fixed the problem in skill use. PS: Using macro the mentees die in ruins of agony
  11. I have not experienced any kind of lag since the update. This is only due to certain connection areas. Reconnecting the accounts and going live is cumbersome. Please do not perform these restarts continuously.
  12. Thank you very much PhoenixMitra.
  13. Bonus for party would not be working? Using the buff, Shinning nevit's, Honey Dark Beer, Storm Scroll. The experience received is 50% less than yesterday, even using the same party in the same place, Phantasmal. Either the party bonus is not working for me, or the event buff is not applying the extra xp. Someone else experiences the same. ?? Today I would be giving 5.340.728.574 xp Enjoy the game
  14. Instances and quests given to us by low-level players have been removed. Today level 110+ toons are considered a player. Just there you can find areas where they are apparently profitable. The current event allows you to level up quite quickly if we compare it with normality. To go up from lvl fast you must pay a Prestige pack (15 dollars per month). For the rest without it you will be 1 to 2 months per level hopefully. If you are not yet willing to spend $ on the game, try to take advantage of events like the current one to be able to make a sentence and expire quickly. There are
  15. Good, The adena is selling between 2 and 2.5kk every ncoin. But ok, the weapons for the domi a fist R110 +12 can cost 80 or 100b. If we calculate the average of 2kk per ncoin (500 * 1b) it would only cost the weapon for the Domi at 40k Ncoin. The old Raid rings: Baium soul 3b - 1500 ncoin. Queen Ant Soul 3b - 1500 ncoin. Frintezza Neck 6b - 3000 ncoin. Zaken soul 1.5b - 750 ncoin. Atlas earring - 120 Hero coin or leveo of 20 mentees. Set R99 +8 Blessed 24b - 12000 ncoin (Average Set) Aden cloak 20b - 10000 ncoin Dragon Shirt - circlet of authority (Quest exalted).
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