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  1. Shiny gemstone

    Could you tell me when is the event to buy armor R110 +20 FE. How many NCoin do you need? Please, if you can buy rings now, put on an event to buy armor. Enjoy the game, pay to win
  2. You're a bit funny, these things have happened a long time ago, but since these guys are the ones who keep the server open with their payment, nothing will ever happen to them. Some depend on them to pay and then look the other way. There is no claim, there is no evidence, it does not matter if the rules are passed, when it comes to sanctioning they will look at how much they have donated before sanctioning them. Enjoy the game and pay to win. If you pay a lot nothing will happen to you.
  3. You are absolutely right this has turned to crap.
  4. You're right who cares, as long as they can squeeze a few oranges and get their juice out of them. They have gotten used to taking away easy money, and they continue to create things that they did not even imagine. 15 years and we still kill baium. Baium 2014 lvl 75 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de0-r4S5Lno kkkk
  5. In their money they can spend it as they want, the problem results from eliminating the quests that previously allowed you to get the same items for which you have to pay today. The same shit I did in the classic, where your characters hardly spoil anything and you have all the elements to buy per store. It is a game where you have the same chances of getting things by playing or you only get them by buying as in a greengrocer.
  6. KKK, do you think someone with two grams of brain would spend a $ here. This used to be a free to play game where you only bought cosmetic stuff. Now all the shit you want that a player needs is for sale at the L2STORE store. Such an idiot can only be said by someone who has been playing this game for a short time. Please visit https://eu.4game.com/lineage2al and compare the difference. Cheers lol
  7. Free Event REWARDS!

    Rune stones were free by doing the Dimentional 99 quest. Now you can buy them through the L2 store. That's the business now With my most disgusting respects
  8. When they are going to update the exp in the zones from 105 to 110. It's already a shame that in the EV zone they give 500 exp in a party of 4. Stop bleeping, I'm not going to pay you for a prestige pack to be able to go up to lvl. Not all of us are willing to give up their extortions sooner. Yes, it is true, it is full of good Samaritans (understand), who are eager to pay for the continuous blackmail. They have already eliminated everything, neither coal Mine (shit coal) works, in 1 hour you only make 1%. What the hell is wrong with them. With my most disgusting respects
  9. Here it doesn't matter what you can interpret, the text gives the wrong information. What is implied is simple to understand. If "whoever" understands something other than the text, she should learn to read. Here is information that is displayed in the wrong way, if that is difficult. LOL
  10. 10 Clients Limitation

    #Releasethelimit #FreeLineage2 #ICANLOG20ACCOUNT #REGARDS
  11. Dual to Main change!

    Thank you very much for the clarification, there is still the question of knowing that they sell us for 4k ncoin. Thank you
  12. Yes, I also join the boy's ironies. Make it a game for each account, so they all have it. Oops, KKKK, right I am neither friend nor acquaintance nor a great donor. Then nothing will touch me, nif nif. I loved the irony of the post, but GMs don't read this unless you're a big donut. To read you you have to have your PM, or Twitter account. I love the post where they are already going through the clouds. Man, if every day they take something out of the game for the low-lvl (105-110). Don't keep asking us to leave 3 mobs for 300 players in Phantasmal. Today the exp is already shit, imagine in the next update. Regards.
  13. Dual to Main change!

    There is currently in L2 Shop the option to buy (race change ticket). This allows you to choose which race you can change your main to, right? Although the other option is not very clear to me (Chaos Essence), it only allows changing for classes of the same type. Chaos essence is only for 30 days, the change is only for 30 days?
  14. Dear Helvie, for those same reasons or you have a lot of pj backpacks to store some things. Not all of them can be erased, after 5 years I still have things which cannot be erased. Or you can create a clan and use its warehouse, although this is not the best, it is what is currently available. Regards.
  15. Thank you very much Rodah and Helvie, you are correct. The buff description is wrong. Only p.atak applies to iss. Thank you very much