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  1. New guide of How to rob a castle. If you have a friend GM and you want to steal a castle or recover the lost, this is the perfect event. Participate in the robbery of the century. Do you need a castle? Talk to your Gm friend. This is not Spamm, this is not hate speech, notify if you don't like the truth or you are going to ban me again.
  2. I guess if you have an R99 weapon regardless of level the maximum item is 300. For the R110 weapons the elements reach 450, well yes, you are right, for most it must have been felt, but many with PP and R110 weapons, they should not have felt so touched. Even with this data that you give, there are people buying R99 weapons, which means leaving aside their limit of elements. But what you do feel when leveling is the difference in the xp that the mobs are giving. For players with PP, this is more than compensated, for those who do not pay, it is a terrible disadvantage.
  3. It is good to see that many still have problems in the level of xp. (Of course not in a bad way, the same thing happens to me). It is still rare to see players with prestige pack complaining about the issue, usually the xp nerf hurt us who do not pay. High level players don't seem to be affected by these xp issues. True and strange is that the areas are giving no experience at levels up to 107, if you don't have vp, it isn't even convenient to play anymore, I leave the toons fishing. If NC knows about these data, of course they do, these settings are given by them.
  4. I do not know why they get angry, look throughout the post, they do not care anymore while you continue to contribute money. Enchantment rates, very low it. The drop of the mob, nothing (but they have prestige pack) The difficulty of mobs, through the roof (if they don't have prestige pack) Nothing worries them as long as they continue to contribute. Damm(No se que tradujo google), what a headache.
  5. The restore policy has only been arbitrarily implemented. It has always created problems for them, and the answers you receive are what a 10-year-old could give you. The responses to the tickets that one generates are generally unthinkable to receive them from a support service.
  6. The answers in the claim tickets are because they occur to them. You will not get any satisfactory respect when you make a ticket.
  7. The plan is to make a new event where players have to spend more money.
  8. All problems have been resolved, if you leave your characters fishing they no longer disconnect. Greetings
  9. You keep playing because you have enough money to not care that you are being ripped off. You are like a gambler who believes that by betting more he will recover what he lost. You are addicted to spending, and there is always the promise that in some event you will come out well. Please keep spending, F2P players appreciate your efforts to keep the server up. Thanks.
  10. The only real thing in their restoration policy is that they will choose when and how they please which objects are eligible for restoration. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271-Token-based-Restoration-Policy Certain items are not eligible for refund. The NCSOFT Support Team will let you know if your item is eligible to be refunded in response to your request This policy adjustable to the mood of whoever is on duty should not be normal. If the conditions of provision of a contract change, the user should be notified of such changes in a convenient manner
  11. do not worry Be Happy. Boys don't worry the problem is already solved.
  12. Token-based Restoration Policy https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271-Token-based-Restoration-Policy The item has not been restored by the NCSOFT Support Team in the last 90 days, this includes restorations performed on another account or character. The item must be destroyed due to upgrade or enchantment. You have enough restoration tokens on your account (one for each item). Token-based Restoration Policy – Ineligible Items List (Compound/Enchant Fail Restoration) Ineligible Items List Live Brooches and Brooch Jewelry Ancient
  13. Hello GM's What is the limit of connections by IP, after the fourth connection everything is saw. Thank you
  14. They have banned too many accounts which apparently have left them quite a few rules. Some have found where to hit where it hurts the players for their banns
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