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  1. Screenshot Contest

    Boy, they don't care about the dollars you leave. Here they pay great attention to those who pay, they are the base and the support of the server. We Latino players, who thanks to you paying, can play for free, we are more than grateful to them. We hope you never stop paying, thanks for doing it. I enjoy the game thanks to them, and I hope their wallets never empty. Eternally grateful. PS: NC team, please don't stop creating new items, please delete the items that the players have obtained for free. Those items should only be available to paying people. Eliminate the drop, and lower the rate of adena. Players need to purchase the adena in the shop and the items as well. Thank you. Enjoy the game.
  2. PK Abuse

    https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us/legal/lineage-2/conduct-breaches-and-outcomes Conduct Breaches and Outcomes Engaging in PvP match manipulation, disrupting a PvP match by not actively playing in good faith, or any other form of PvP griefing, exploitation, or abuse. In-Game Behavior Issues We do not accept appeals for administrative action taken in connection with in-game behavior. It is particularly not in our best interest to engage in debate about suspensions with those who frequently are in breach of the Rules of Conduct. Basic Details All infraction reports from players are investigated, either through staff member observations or a review of game logs. Those who report a possible rules infraction by another player may be given general information on the outcome of their report, but certain details may remain confidential. We will review the alleged offense and take action only after careful consideration and a review of all available facts. We may issue warnings for misconduct. Each mark results in a temporary account suspension. Suspended account holders will receive an in-game message that explains that the account has been rendered inaccessible and also provides a specific reason for the account mark and the duration of the temporary account suspension. An account termination is also detailed when a player attempts to log into his/her closed account. An account suspension or termination applies to the full account and not to an individual character within the account. Persistent offenses or severe abuse of the Rules of Conduct or the User Agreement will result in permanent account terminations. IZZI PIZZI,
  3. Personal allusion is not a topic of mine.
  4. It is not for all those who pay, as long as one pays he wants to receive a good product. But in this case, there are aspects of the juice that have exceeded the ability of the GM'S. Yes, you are right to receive a suitable product, the payment that many make keeps this working. Thanks to them many of us enjoy the game, but it is on repeated occasions that the complaint is noticed. The GM's apparently will not give an answer, or they can not or do not care. But surely these problems will continue and will get worse and worse. The point is, it's worth it for those who pay to keep doing it. Or the serious answer, I don't spend more money until there is a serious solution.
  5. Here the complaints are accompanied by, I want buff gm, I want free items, I want a nail cut. Mister slave GM shake your ass, when the bleep do you read a comment that starts with please. There is latency, so remove the exalted quest and everyone has to buy the R99 set like the others did. They want a free gun from the quest, shit, pay it like we did the rest. Go read what you had to do before to get something. Stop tearing and demanding, here nobody forces you to pay, if you do it is because you want to take advantage of it. Or maybe you spend your dollars on beauty products on the server. NO! you want runes that last 6 months, you want capes and other items to improve your character. If you pay is what there is, if you don't like it don't pay. The latency problems are probably the fact that in later years this number of players had never been seen. Exalted quests, atlas scroll scrolling, time leveling events. That has taken everything to hell, if you do not want lag, remove everything. If they remove exalted, and coal mine lag disappears.
  6. With what they receive for payment I don't think they are able to support clowns. Just because you pay doesn't entitle you to think they are your slaves. Here you pay because you want, the respect that you demand is the same that you must show to the other. If you don't respect, what do you expect in return.
  7. This must be one of the few games in which players have been playing for several years, but they cry like girls. Time passes and everything is worn, like this game, the gms must also have spent years listening to complaints and tears. They must have the balls on the floor. This is what there is, this is what will be, and its best moment is over. Enjoy what there is, because it is what we have left until it closes. Do don't cry.
  8. Is it possible to open a new server ?? Technically feasible ?? Is it very expensive to maintain a third server? Is it cheaper only 2 servers with the current latency ?? If the opening of a new server is not feasible, and the latency is going to be so high. Join the Naia server and chronos. If we are going to maintain the current latency level, and it is not feasible to open a new server, put them together. Total to be wrong is the same. Again, Again, what would be the reason for not opening a new live server? Best regards.
  9. PK for Spot

    Interesting answers, of course the GMs will not change this, other important issues will not change. What was important was the point of view of each one. Many speak in the pk box game, but how did those same get their Atlas +12. With more boxes, we simply focus on hypocrisy, for some it is normal, for others it is annoying, some idiot responds that if you denounce it you pk. What was important was the point of view of many, many hypocrites screaming to die the boxes in the chat, but with 12 bots to have their rings. No one cries, of course there are fools in the game like in real life, some need to take out their frustrations here. They accuse another player of being racist by marginalizing him, hypocrisy, it's just that, thanks for his opinions. God bless you. PS: If you don't understand jodance ironies.
  10. PK for Spot

    According to the rules pk per spot is not allowed, I would like to know how to proceed to make the post of complaint. Pk in BS for Cavalinhadomal, clan CRS. There are harassment rules or is it just lies published by the GMS. https://ibb.co/82D3Ywg https://ibb.co/s9gYGg1 54/5000 I want to see if the rules exist, or is it an old tale
  11. Dear, The buffs have been lost, their kitten does not match. 1 - Legend Celebration rune 2 - Freya Ice Rose 3 - Shining dragon Attribute tonic 4 - Honey Dark Beer 5 - Team Leader You can recover these buff please. Otherwise I would appreciate reset karina Sincerely Rohm

    They could take advantage and update tomorrow's patch now. So we save time, even if the fall will last for hours. Sincerely Rohm

    Dear, You can recover all the buff you had activated when entering Coal Mine. I would be more than grateful. Sincerely Rohm
  14. Lineage II: Winter of War Patch Notes ◦There is no penalty for the cancelation and players can use the mentoring system according to the changed rules after the update. •Due to the change in the requirements for mentoring relationship, relationships between mentors whose level is below 105 and their mentees are canceled automatically. ◦As there is no penalty for relationship cancelation, players can become mentees of other mentors after the update. Question.... Currently the penalty for leaving a mentor is 1 day, is this correct?
  15. Hypocrisy with fighter

    90% of donors are Wizard, so you want items Warriors, u are crazy men.