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  1. Yeah, dont whink we will solve it untill tomorrow. Thank you for nothing
  2. My character is not elegible for transfer and this is why: GM Aulakiria 8 hours ago Hello there, Upon checking, I found that there is a character named "SraKrishna" on Naia server which is one of the possible reasons why your character cannot queue up for our Server Transfer service. I hope this information helps. If you have more to add, please let us know. Regards, GM Aulakiria NCSOFT Support Team _________________________________________________ Valgar
  3. STOP CAMPLAINING, we are all at home, working home office or on quarentine. Please, have some consideration for ncsoft workers, they have to quarentine as well. I am sure they are doing their best for now, but they cant expose thenselves to risk only because we are having some lag issues
  4. stop crying man, just fish and BOOM, full vitality
  5. lol, this skill doesnt matter if you are poor
  6. I guess you are new here, you are still weak cuz lack of anger
  7. I usually consider everyone here a bunch of crying babies, but now i really think the dev team have made some mistakes. First of all, lineage has always been a very laggy game and i dont think the decision to increase mob spawns is helping in any form. They nerfed gold and item drop in most areas, making people fight for the same spots. How about making less mobs spawn and actually increase adena, xp they give. We dont need 10 mobs spawning in one area when 3 mobs could give the same XP. And for gods sake... turn Land of Chaos, seal of hell fire and other areas worth farming. Because now there
  8. see, this is what happens when you give medals to all kids even when they are in the last place
  9. agreed, some pple had to go to work and wanted to leave the char on macro before leaving but the server was down. So they will lose XP, itens and buffs
  10. This Community is Toxic af. WTF guys, they now the issues, they are working to fix it and you guys are going to recieve something extra so chill a little
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