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  1. Yes, it is. The only way to progress through the dungeon is to use 'next target' and attack or click on mob and press attack (if moving to another room). Make sure you position yourself in the middle of the room to be able to move to the next one. At the end, click on the quest item (chalice) and attack again to move towards it. This whole thing is not easy, took me few tries to do it. I've submitted ticket and left message in 'bug' subforum, but even though everybody new is affected, nothing is being done with it.
  2. Hello, I came back to the game couple of days ago and have lots of obsolete gear, including Draconic Bow +10... Is it worth anything nowadays at all? As a skin or lvl alts? Any guidance on how much I could sell it for?
  3. After yesterday's disaster patch, I'm unable to finish last Awakened quest Path of Fate: Overcome. I'm stuck in the instance, unable to move inside. Resetting the quest doesn't work, redone the whole quest twice already. Any advice? I've logged a ticket and reported a bug... not the best start to my Lineage journey...
  4. I can't complete this quest to finish Path of Fate:Overcome quest. After I've been teleported by Gareth to the instance - my character doesn't move, it's stuck. I can only move by using my offensive skills and attack mobs. Unfortunately, even though I can progress through the instance by killing mobs using range skills, I can't complete the last part because I can't move to the last objective to pick up the chalice. I've restarted to whole quest twice already, but that didn't help. Also, when I'm inside the instance I keep getting info: This skill cannot be used because
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