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  1. Any idea when the next round of Quality of Life changes will be coming? @Juji
  2. Those reductions are still not enough in my opinion. Mobs in those areas are still hitting entirely too hard to make for viable grinding spots. 16% increase in adena still isn't enough to break even on shot cost either. All of the reductions and adena increases need to be doubled at least @Juji
  3. How much will the attack power of the mobs in those areas be lowered?
  4. Please do the same for Imperial Tomb as well @Juji and thanks for what you do.
  5. I came back for classic, not for live players and lovers of this game to be punished and bots to be pampered to. Content removed instead of added, harder to support yourself without RMT. It's a hot mess rn and it just took a kill shot in my opinion. Severely disappointed and will be finding a new NON-NCsoft game to play. This is a travesty especially when all you have to do is listen and acknowledge the players who clearly love this game.
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