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  1. Hey L2 Team I just thought i would give some feedback on my experience as a 'casual' player who is currently farming with a 6 person party (all my characters) using in-game macros and the auto-hunt feature. What are my biggest issues? Finding somewhere i can hunt in relative peace... Given the auto-hunting and macros, places like the catacombs are ideal however every single room is taken. If by chance i do find a room it isnt long before a bot party comes, PKs me and steal my room. As mentioned by numerous others, there needs to be more hunting areas AND/OR instanced zones
  2. The only winners from this disgraceful patch are the botters who are unaffected. Nice job guys!!! So much winning.
  3. NCSoft should write a book: "How to destroy your game in a few short steps" Quite funny, they removed auto macros, implemented a useless skill auto-use feature, but didnt include it on party buffs. The decisions being made are beyond stupid and obviously without any feedback from those actually playing the game.
  4. Yeah its absolutely horrible I love this game, i love the classic that has been provided, but i cant even run a party of 3 without having to worry about disconnects if i leave them for 15 minutes... Never seen anything like this before. I'm from Australia so my ping isn't great but i dont believe that is the issue. I personally believe it might be related to a singular IP address having multiple connections to their servers in the form of characters.
  5. I personally an looking forward to this update! Thanks Juji and Hime! Is there any chance this patch will resolve the CONSTANT random disconnect issues when running more than one box? This seems to be a major issue affecting quite a few players.
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