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  1. WTT Dark Eternal Robe Set +10/11/10/10/10 Full Element for Bloody Robe +10 maybe one day( or maybe never ) someone want to trade.. Mail ingame "ZoroZ. pd: i not Armageddon
  2. blacksmith mammon

  3. monster collections rewards

    The renward is when you complete the quantity kills is only EXP-SP- and Faction Points.. in the upper right part of the "bag" you see the list of falls, when you kill those mobs that's what he can drop.

    Hi, I need a real Feoh weapon i have this i want to sell (price?) or trade for something like that PM ingame ZoroZ
  5. [News] Golden Compass Event

    45min no died, killing all mobs Wynn 102, Bloody set+8, bloody retry+12, only have opal and ruby lv3 and Virgo lv4, and low epics, i no have Talisman Abundance, seven sing, bless valakas, bless antharas, or any cloak or special shirt, and no finish the second part of exalted quest, .. No is impossible for a wynn on my low gear.
  6. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    In my wynn does not happen that, long ago i do not why.
  7. WTT Set Bloody Light +8 for Set Bloody Robe +8 Mail "ZoroZ"