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  1. Remove life stone

    hello, does anyone know if in l2 Classic, when you remove a life stone from a weapon, do you lose it or do you keep the stone? thank you
  2. Siege and oly dates?

    +1 No only for Gladiators, we need to do Delusion*Delusion to crystalize them and can craft SSB.... Urgent need Dual Craft Stamp!
  3. Duels

    C Grade +++++++++++++. Katana*Katana +16 and u dont need B grade swords (?)
  4. We need a new anti-bot system that really works, oh... wait... I must be exaggerated.
  5. This is no longer Lineage 2, it's Lineage Bot. Seriously, it's too much, I'm a player who is online every day and EVERY DAY IN ALL SPOTS I see these things. I really do not believe that "they can't fight the bots", will they not want to? Will it give them good money to have people boting? I already send many videos in tickets showing whole partys boting, they say they solve it, but what they are doing is killing the dog, not the rage. Is not it easier to put a good anti-bot instead of forcing players to spend days and days reporting illegal players? This is just a comment, so that you understand why the server is in free fall.
  6. "Hardcore Level Grind" means *A lots bots killing the mobs that you could be killing*.
  7. Bro, I'm 50 with top C team (Full Plate, weapong and I'm crafting the jewelery), I have my bufters +48 also with Karmian set. I'm not complaining because the server is difficult for me, it is not, but my reality is not everyone's. There are many people who play alone because they do not have time, because they do not know anyone, whatever, for them it is not fair. And as things go on like this, people will stop playing, no one likes to go to a spot and there is a bot party killing the mob you need. My complaint is not for me in particular, in fact a month from now I will have my own party WITHOUT BOTTING, but it is useless, neither you nor I will serve playing a server where of the 1000 players 700 are bots, 200 stores and 100 active players, is what I want to not happen, and for now it seems that is the way to where we are going.
  8. More bots than players

    The same thing happens to me, I want to farm to Cruma Tower, Ant Nest or other sites and is full of party-bots, partys of 9 characters, tanke, healer, bd, sws, spoiler, really think that's fine? that a person has a party of 9 chars and bounce freely ?, then do not say they did not know when the server dies.
  9. Merge/Transfers/Changes

    I do not know if it's a good idea to merge, to me the truth is that the game is too good for me when there are few people if it's full it's all saturated and it's bad (it's not an ISP or ping problem). In the case that merge, it would be a good idea to respect the schedule of server Gludio (GMT -3) because I think there are many more people of SA than NA-West
  10. First of all, I'm not asking for permission, I'm just doing a post to reflect. I have been told of people who have been banned for buying adena, now, what I do not understand, if NCSoft bans for buying adena, WHY DO NOT BAN THE BOTS THAT FARM AND SPAMMERS THAT SELL THE ADENA EVERY DAY? Am I the only one who finds this too ridiculous?
  11. VIP 4 box with two VIP 0

    So, as VIP 4, it does not worth to be in party with VIPs 0? =/ They reduce the drop
  12. Now what?

    Same, no more NCoins until they fix all things. This is ridiculous.
  13. The truth, I do not know how those in the development department do not understand it, down here I will put what really needs to be changed, and I do not do it because I want an easier game, I just want a NORMAL game. The maintenance that is really needed: - Adena Fix in mobs +40 (Drop x1 as the wikipedia says (which I estimate is official)) - Adena fix in SOLO AREA FARM (this is a party-game, thats true, but nobody is in party 24/7, so, manytimes we have to farm alone and cant farm in PARTY AREAS, because we're alone, lol) - Spol: rate / quantity (I am not a spoiler, but I have read that many complain about it. I have lvling a dwarf from 1 to 22 nomas and I have noticed it quite scarce, if it is so, I would consider it important to change it) The maintenance they give us: - GK pays even when the adena is not fixed - Even Boost (+50% XP / SP / Adena / Drop): Two days a week, leaving so in the party places that already gave much adena, now GIVE EVEN MORE, and in areas that give little adena, give normal. And the other days? 5 out of 7 of the week? the server will remain the same as always? with unpayable GKs and minimum drops? (WTF?!?!) - Not Fixes SOLO FARMING AREAS - Not Fixes REAL ADENA DROP FROM ALL MOBS +40 - Adena resellers are really spammers For now I do not remember anything else, if you know of a major change what you can add. I want it to be understood, I do not want an EASY server, I want a GOOD and NORMAL game. It does not make sense to spend hours walking EVERY DAY or spending time on tiny things like walking from one spot to another. Less makes sense than a mob lvl 30 more adena than a 55. No offense, I want the server to grow and be good, personally I put a lot of time and money into it and I want to play it for a long time, but the changes that are being made are really wrong. @Hime and @Juji Regards,