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  1. More Lore

    Yes, in Lineage it´s all about grind, new gear and the most shinning please. But, the secret, for me at least, for so many to keep play is the lore, is the atmosphere of something is going to happen but we dont know for sure what and when. These year, I started to read the original story and some of it´s chapters. At least give them some shinning new bright, so that we all could also lose ourselves in the beauty of the game in words, in landscapes, now torn apart because of the need of new regions for the new level up warriors or the such... Lineage 2 has one the best "genesis god birth" I ever see, and even now the new games, fail a lot on this. With the need, and it´s fair enough, of speeding up the toons to maximum levels, the 2 quests that explain a lot of the races and their relation with the new options we choose, much was lost, the understanding of Aden and all the races. Let´s try to make this our strengh! Also, the last boards had a space for us to imagine as toon in Aden, doing our own adventures, our own personal quests. Can we have one here too?
  2. Best iss 101+ after salvation

    Hello all, Well, I´m an huge fan of Lineage 2, but the grind and the severity of it, sometimes, most of the times recently, pushes me off. Although my SWS is only 95 ( was born in 2006), it still gives me pleasure to play with. Yes, most of the time it´s anoying the lack of attacking skills, but heck, it´s a toon for party, although, to be honest, i choose SWS because, even now, it´s very solo capable. As such, and I saw you all know a lot, need some advice how to use these monster toon, now without some debuffing skills. And my first question is: where the Fk is triad skill??? Best regards and thanks for reading!